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a little photo shoot (pics!!!!)

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i can't beleave they are a week old!!!!
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Awwww Nice pics
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Awww! The tea cup idea is cute!
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It looks like Blizzard is a little in his cups
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Is that what you would call Tempests in a Teacup? With the weather names, I just couldn't resist.

They are adorable!!
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LOL, Heidi!!!

Very cute. They look like cotton balls with eyes and noses!
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I love my little cotton balls they are just so darn cute!!! I'm going to have to buy a photo ablum just for there pics!
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They are cute, I love the last one, he's just like "I'm to tired for this" tee hee.
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blizard is my little runt he/she would not sit nice!!! i'm still trying to figure out who is boys and girls. now i think i got it backwards and have two boys and a girl. Imight have ot post some pics and have you guys guess
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btw, I haven't followed every post you have made, but what are you doing with these kittens? Are you just getting them fixed and sending them out to live as ferals, keeping them yourself, or adopting them out?

ARe they long haired or short haired?
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Awww! What little darlings! They are so cute!
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I'm hoping they are short haired because i'm allergic to long! momma and the kitty i think is poppa are both short/med hair.

I'm planning to keep all of them. Nimbus one my heart first so that one is in for sure. I think i got dh to agree on stormy being in. Now just gotta work on blizard!

So they should all be staying here and inside!
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Cool!!! I hope you enjoy them! They look like such wonderful kits. May they have a long and happy life!

btw, check your Pm's Princess Purr.
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I love the teacup pictures - so cute! And you can tell your husband that you just CAN'T let the runt go back outside, it wouldn't be fair... so small... so defenseless....
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Purrfect pictures!
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ohh my! what little darlings they are!!
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I just saw this! (I'm doing some catching up on threads I've missed)

Your little kittens are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see more!!!!
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Oh my goodness they are soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you can keep them all, and as indoor kitties I'm super jealous!!!
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do you guys remember this i cant beleave how FAST they grow up! I'll have ot get some new pics of them and that cup!
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