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The Cats' RV...LOL! (Pics)

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OK. We decided we'd better get ready to bring Tuxedo home, just in case....

We emptied out all the junk we had up around the driver's chair, and figure we can fit another litterbox (small) up there.

We removed everything from the dining room. Gary's chair died, so the "guest" chair we had in the "dining room" is now Gary's chair. It's open underneath, so that opened up more floor space.

Gary ran out to "run errands" late yesterday... and look what he came home with! ...and guess who absolutely LOVES it!!!

Everybody's checking it out...including Daddy!

They LOVE trying to displace each other, grappling around at each's like a cat jungle gym!

Let's hope we're bringing Tuxedo home!!!
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awwwww how cute!!!!
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I love that cat tree! I want it LOL!
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OMG That tree is AWESOME!!!
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WOW!! I want one like that!!!! LOL!
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That is great (just be careful with it near those bottles - a little rough housing and those bottles are history!). They look so happy!
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Nice cat tree!
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Ady? I'm looking at the pics to try to figure out which bottles... do you mean the ones on the right (on the stove)?

Those are plastic water bottles that don't normally "live" there... but good call! The shelvs are more what I worry about than the stove (although hard to tell from the pic that's what it is!)

We did pull the electric cord that goes to their Petmate water thingy back along the window, so it's not just hanging there any longer. The other stuff on the shelves are boxes of crackers, graham crackers, breadsticks and a plastic container with iced tea mix in it. The cats walk all over that shelf - and only once have knocked off one of the metal tea containers. We are constantly amazed at how nimble they are!!!

Gary was worried to death that they'd hurt themselves. So far, (knock wood), the worst that has happened is that Shelly jumped down from the top spot - but instead of heading down towards the bedroom hallway or up towards the living room, he leapt straight down, and the momentum pushed him into the kitchen cabinet with a nice "knock". Gary ran over to see if he was OK. He was - he did just sit there for a minute, and I'm willing to bet his head hurt! But I've hit my head on those dang cabinet doors so many times... (I'm leaning over a bit washing dishes. Gary opens the cupboard to get a cup. He leaves the cupboard door open. I stand up straight - BONK - head meets bottom of cabinet door with a big THWACK.)

...but after a minute, Shelly grabbed that feather he was playing with and took it right back up to the roof of the tree-house. No keeping that boy down!

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Laurie, if this keeps up, the cats will be living in the RV and you and Gary will be in a pup tent outside!
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I love it!! Those lucky kitties! I love seeing pics of your home and the kitties - always looks so cozy and nice!
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Cindy, LOL!!!! When we were first figuring out how to bring Tuxedo home, here were some of the other suggestions by Sammie5 and Jeanie:

Gary and I should switch to eating cat food. That opens up the entire kitchen & its cabinets to the cats because we can get rid of all the pots and pans, remove the stove, microwave and toaster oven, get rid of all the dishes except for a few bowls.

If we move into the pup tent, we can get rid of the bed and replace it with more cat furniture...

Sammie5 wrote
As for more practical suggestions:
Just keep two set of clothing for each of you, save on storage space.
Consider putting the whole family on the same diet, save on kitchen storage space - tuna, anyone?
If you switch from showers to sponge baths, you can convert that tall space into a wonderful cat condo.
How tall are you anyway? You might build a loft in the rv, with ladders, for the cats to run around upstairs. How much time do you spend standing up anyway?

Hope these ideas help.
LOL! I was rolling!!
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Laurie, nice cat tree!!!!
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Maybe you should just let the cats have that RV and buy a second one for you and Gary!
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I was thinking of getting something like your beautiful tree, are they VERY costly?
Not that it matters I mean we rented a 3 bedroom so they could have their own room, just wanted suggestions on where to go other than Petco where it was like $1000.
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There's another thread about cat furniture. I think they recommend e-bay, but you have to keep looking to find what you want.

Gary bought ours on some super going-out-of-business sale. It cost $169 dollars, which sounded like a lot to me - but from cat furniture sites on-line, it looked like we would have to pay closer to $400 (plus shipping) for something similar. ?????
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Wow... someone has some spoiled kitties! It amazes me that you can fit so much stuff, in such a small space! You and Gary are so good to your little guys. Lazlo, Shelly and Spooky look like they LOVE their cat tree... and who can blame them? I hope Tuxedo can come home to you tomorrow. I'll be keeping him in my thoughts!
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Laurie!! That cat tree is so cool!!!!! And I LOVED Sammie5's ideas!

I am still praying Tuxedo is getting better.
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