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Do You Remember a Past Life?

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I know, strange question, but I wonder about these things. Lots of people believe in reincarnation, but does anyone actually "remember" living before? For years, I've had flashes of memory (for lack of a better term) that I believe are events from my past. I only have these memories for one particular life, which makes me wonder if I've only lived once before.
I'm interested in others' thoughts on this and, if you do have memories, are they clear?
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I've never had memories from a past life but people joke that I must have been a humming bird because I eat a lot of sugar.
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People are going to think me off the graph, but you did ask!

My Mom was absolutely convinced that "I" was present at Christ's crucifixion.

By way of a bit of background to put that into perspective, my family was not at all religious. My Dad was an Atheist and believe that Hell was on earth and Heaven was when you died, nothing more. My Mom was a lapsed Ukrainian Catholic. We never went to church and had no religious stuff in the house of any kind.

They say that children are closer to their past lives than an adult. So if there are to be memories, they are more likely to occur when a person is a young child.

I've been haunted by a dream since I was about 3 years's the same dream and it seems so real and it's like I'm experiencing it for myself in the first person.

I remember the first "dream" that I had about it. I woke up completely hysterical. I was crying to hard that I couldn't breathe and remember my Mom shouting at me and shaking me in an attempt to get me to take a breath. It took my Mom hours and hours to calm me down and to find out what was wrong. And I was sad and nearly catatonic for a couple of days after that.

All I could do was scream that they were hurting him, that they were killing him. I tried to go to help him and save him but I was being held back. I was hysterical and struggling and fighting to break away to go and help him. In the end I sank to my knees and cried.

Finally when my mother got something coherent out of me I describe the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, including the weather, the surroundings, the people and what they were wearing, what I was wearing. The look on his face.. everything.

As I said above, our home was not a religious one. We had no religious items in the house, not even a cross. My father was atheist and wouldn't have it, and my mother was too busy with work and home to take us to church.

She was convinced that I was there and witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and because of that she was convinced that I had been "called" and was set on sending me to convent school. The only reason I wasn't sent to one is because the one near us had closed down.

To this day I still am haunted by that "dream", and to this day I still periodically have it and it's 100% exactly the same each time, and just as intense and just as detailed, and always from the first person like I'm the one experiencing it.

I would love to go and have one of those past lives sessions done, but I don't know where to go for such a thing. If I ever did I would not tell them my experience. I would want them to take me back as far as they could on their own, so that nothing was influenced.
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I don’t know if I believe, and I have no memories. However my mother and sister are huge believers and in Toronto we always have these massive psychic fairs and I always go for fun.

Three psychic have told me that in my past life I was a princess (hell ya! Lol) who was horribly disliked because I stole from the royals to give to the peasants to make their lives easier. All three said the same story in different ways. One said I was a princess by birth, one said I was a princess because I was the kings lover, etc.. Same story different versions.

Anyway, I always thought it was cool, but I’m still not a believer. BUT I have OCD, not badly, but it’s enough I get made fun of Lol (friendly make fun of, nothing mean). I am deathly afraid of fire, yet I have never been in a fire. Before I leave the house I give myself 10 min (every time I leave) to check all the plugs, the coffee machine, stove, nothing can be plugged in… ya I’m a weirdo LOL.

It turns out that I was burned alive in my past life as a punishment for stealing… I just always thought that was cool. My OCD is only reflected of fire, that’s it, nothing else. Everything I do over and over again is to stop a fire, and these guys told me I was burned alive… I mean how would they know I had OCD?
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No memories here but my mom is a psychic and she's told me about a few of mine.
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Wow, this is really cool you guys. I wonder what I might have been long ago.
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To be honest I don't believe in reincarnation, but I have very vivid memories of things that my family tell me never happened.

So I don't know if I just have a really overactive imagination or what the deal is.

My Sister says I remember those things because I'm a weirdo...but I always consider the source when she says things like that to me.
After all, she doesn't like cats so how much stock can I put into anything she says
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I don't remember things that aren't possible
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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post
I don't remember things that aren't possible
How do you know whether they're possible or not?
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I think reincarnation is a possiblity, and I actually find the thought comforting. I believe we're here to learn "something" and I don't see how that "something" can be learned in one lifetime. Especially since no one really knows what that "something" is.

I don't remember past lives per say, but for as long as I can remember, I've had dreams that involve people I don't know. And, not random strangers. They are the same people in the dreams from the time I was a child until now. It's like a whole cast of characters in my head. It's not always the same dream though, or the same setting, although most of the time it's set someplace I don't remember being, but I remember know? Maybe the people just represent aspects of people I DO know but they have different faces, or maybe they ARE people I knew before. I have no idea. I used to keep a journal of those dreams but it got lost somewhere in all the moving.

There have also been a few people I met that I felt like I'd known forever after only 10 minutes. I normally don't do well with strangers so that is unusual for me. It make sense that we are reincarnated that we would gravatate to souls that we knew before.
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My Mom was absolutely convinced that "I" was present at Christ's crucifixion.
I think your story is absolutely amazing!
I've never had a 'memory' as vivid as yours, but I in my one memory I do have the same setting each time, the same clothing, my actions are usually the same, and the end of the memory is the same. Don't laugh----I believe at one point in time I was your basic village "wise woman" and was ultimately put to death for practicing witchcraft. The first time I watched a show concerning women who were executed as witches I was absolutely shocked. One of the methods of execution was drowning; when I saw that depicted in the show I literally couldn't breathe. I was gasping for air and when the scene was finally over I just sat and cried. To this day I"m terrified of drowning and have a phobia about crossing bridges.

Sometimes I think I'd like to be hypnotized to find out if I could actually be regressed, but I really don't like the idea of being hypnotized.
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I sometimes get "flashes" from myself, and from laying my hands on massage clients. One in particular stuck with me. It was a Marine just back from Iraq. When I touched a healed injury, I saw people running, and felt a terror like no other. He told me his injury had come from a mine on a road and the occupants of his truck ran to a hillside, that is how he got injured. I have had several clients that I knew way more about than I wanted to by the time they got off my table.
I have dreams about standing on a cliff wrapped in a beautiful shawl with the wind whipping at it and my hair. I had a feeling that I was travelling. I had a psychic tell me I was a Gypsy in a past life and never mentioned the dream to her. I would love to do a past life regression.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
How do you know whether they're possible or not?
I was just being sarcastic in a joking way. That's why i put the smiley face there.
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I've never had anything even remotely similar to that, but some of my friends have.. For example, my BFF Kitty recalls being a little girl on a roof, watching her parents get massacred, and then falling through the roof and dying that way.. Another as a Samurai swordsman who committed suicide with his sword thinger..

And she also thinks she was Marilyn Monroe, that she remembers masked, gloved people coming in and forcing pills down her throat.


Although I have no personal experience, I think Reincarnation is a good explanation for a lot of things; The reason some people seem to understand this world and interact better with it than others is because they're "old souls" whereas some who don't quite "get" it are the newly created ones.. At least, that's my logic!
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I definetly beleive in reincarnation, there is just no other way to explain some things that happen.

For myself, there's nothing I can remember just now to think of what may have been a past life of mine, but I'm sure there have been alot of them.

When I was little I used to howl with the dogs evernight because I wanted to be a dog so bad Maybe I was once? Funny I love cats much more now. Then again, I also really wanted to be a vampire when I was a teenager (not so unusual) so who knows. Someday if I am brave enough I'd like to find out what may have been in my past lives.
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