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I got a job!!!!

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Finally after 8 long months of looking for work I finally got a job. I got an email this morning from the professor that runs the tutoring center saying that he doesn't know what my hours will be but I will be working in the tutoring center this semester. I have applied for that job every semester for the last 4.5 years and he has always turned me down but not this time. I am on cloud 9 right now because this means I might actually be able to afford to move in May if I can save all the money I get from this job.

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congrats hope everything turns out well for you I know how good it feels to finally find a job after looking for what seems like forever so congrats
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Congratulations to obtein this personal goal your´s my friend!...

When is the firts day?...
for all goes well and good settle of it!...
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I am going to start in about 3 weeks when the tutoring center officially opens, at least thats what I assume will happen. They are going to be still accepting applications for the next 2 weeks and then I will receive what my hours will be. This is a little bit different because I am on the clock for the entire time but I only work when people need help. If no one needs help I can study on my own or do other school related tasks as long as I stay in the center and don't leave(unless its to talk to a professor about homework). I am the only one that works during my hours so if 30 people need help then I have 30 people to help. Its first come first serve but thankfully the other math majors hang out in there so if I am swamped they will help me out.
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Outstanding! Congratulations!
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Originally Posted by algebrapro18 View Post
so if I am swamped they will help me out.
And I´m so sure this will going to happen...... good luck friend!.....Keep us updated about it...
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That's great news! Congrats!
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That is great! I did tutoring and support in the computer center when I was in grad school. When everyone came in around a project due date, I was busy. When it was slow, I got lots of work done.
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Congrats on the job, I wish you great success with it...
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