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Pregnant Cat - Spotting Advice needed

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We have "adopted" (or she has adopted us!) a stray pregnant cat who has been hanging around our house for a little while. She is now inside and safe and happy as can be. Constantly purring and very affectionate. However, the past couple days we have noticed a slight discharge from her vagina. It is tinted pinkish. It has not been coming out constantly, but she gets a few drops every now and then. She generally cleans it up when it starts to come out. We took her to the vet last week when we got her in the house and the vet said she was about a week away from giving birth and seemed otherwise very healthy (except for a cold she had from being outside in the constant rain). Is this a normal thing to happen before the birthing process? She doesn't act sick/unhappy at all.
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First of all bless you for taking her into your home!
My momma had some spotting that you are describing days before delivery. As far as I know as long as it is not a nasty color or smelly it should be normal. I am no expert as I just went through it for the first time last month but there are many many helpful people here on this site who may be able to give you better advice but I'm gonna say that she is very close to giving birth! Do you have a suitable birthing area set up for her yet?
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We actually have 2 cats already so we have put the queen into our finished basement to keep everyone as stress free as possible until after the babies are born and a bit older! We have made a number of very comfy spots for her to give birth. She has checked them all out and I think she prefers the laundry basket where we put a towel and then a pillow case stuffed with newspaper shreddings. But for now she mostly likes to lie on the coffee table or us. I can't help but think she should be almost ready. The poor thing always looks uncomfortable and you can really see them moving around in there!
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Awww well it sure sounds like its close and sounds like your ready for it. I remember watching Buttons very uncomfortable and watching the babies move almost alien like towards birthing position just before they made an appearance.

Cant wait to hear updates and see pictures of the little ones when they arrive! Do you have any idea how many she'll be having? or a guess?
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I will post pictures once it all happens!! The vet said there was at least 2 in there. She didn't want to squeeze her belly too much and put her in more discomfort. So it will be a surprise!! Funny thing.....we actually named her Patches before she even came into the house! I see you have one named Patches. She is a tortoiseshell (probably spelled wrong).
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Spotting is normal. my friends cat did that for over a week. I had a Patches I got to see born years ago. Then I caught a feral and named her Patches years later.Would you like to see a pic of my first Patches?
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Thats exactly what the vet said for mine...2 and thats exactly what she had! lol - My momma cat is a Tortie as well. The cat we have named Patches is the queen of the house, we actually just rent a room here ...she collects rent and everything and gets quite grouchy when she dont get what she wants! lol

My Patches - I think she ate some of the kitten food around here the last few weeks..LOL. She is about 12 years old and is HUGE...even though it dont look like it in the pic she is a monster and has the attitude to go with it!
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Katch4 - That is such a cute pic. She sure doesn't look like the "queen" you say she is, but I will take your word for it! I know that cats can be quite decieving!!

mews2much - I would love to see a pic. I love to see pics of other cats!

Once I figure how to post a pic I will put one up of our original two and the mama to be!!
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This was my Patches.
She died on March 8th 1989 and was born June 3rd 1979
We had her mom who was a Black and White Cat and her Dad that was a Cream Cat.
I wish I had Pics of them.
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mews2much......when I saw your picture I froze for a moment. She looks a lot like our Patches!! Except ours doesn't have as much orange on the nose. The colorings are so pretty.
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Patches is a nasty cat - LOL ...always has been. We had her declawed about 8 years ago because I had one young child at that time and was also running a daycare in my home. This cat does not like being touched by kids and would scratch them..and of course couldnt let that happen with other people's kids. I actually would NEVER declaw a cat again, but I didnt know better then.
Patches HATES her back being touched, her sides being touched and her paws and expecially her back legs ..she totally freaks out , hisses and coughs and spits and sputters all over the of course hubby plays with thoes areas all the time lol
She has already established dominance with the kittens, She has swatted and hissed and them and knocked them right over.......i think if she did have her claws still the babies would have been hurt a long time ago. She has many many areas claimed to be hers all over the house and if you try and sit or go get growled at like a dog! We had a family member try to go into our home when we were not home and she actually put the run on them, scared them to death! She hates
When she was the only pet we had we had to move to a new home we had to rent for a month because possession dates were not the same and we couldnt take her with us ( no pets allowed ) So we had someone to babysit her for a couple weeks and she actually called us within a week of having her and said she couldnt do it cause Patches was evil.........she would stalk her and sit and watch her with her evil eyes and it made her very nervous......she couldnt even walk by the cat without fear....Queen, maybe not the correct term.....the correct term would be a word I dont think i should type in here, but you get the

But we love her!
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
This was my Patches.
She died on March 8th 1989 and was born June 3rd 1979
We had her mom who was a Black and White Cat and her Dad that was a Cream Cat.
I wish I had Pics of them.
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Thats Cool
I would love to see your Patches.
Would you like to see my two Mom Cats.
Coco is 16 and Meeko is 8
They hd Kittens 6 years ago because the House they had to stay 8 had a unfixed male I didnt know about.
Coco had never been preg in 10 years and I was so mad about her getting preg.
She is the one that could not be fixed.
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Here is my momma cat - Buttons
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She looks alot like my Patches did.
Here are my Mom Cats.
This is Coco

and this is Meeko.

This is Stormy Cocos girl I lost last Dec at age 5 from Kidney Failure.

This is Cocos Son Midnight. He was the runt but is 14 pounds now.

I wish I had a Pic of Cocos other girl but my dad gave her to my jerk Cosin and he gave her away. He had been told to give her back if he couldnt keep her.
Here is Meekos only Kitten.
I kept him and lost hin last Jan to Kidney Stones and they think Fip.
Yoshi as Kitten,

Yoshi before he was sick.

Yoshi the night before he was pts.

Would you like to see the Moms of my last two Cats.
I was sent Pics of the Moms.
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Mews2Much They are beautiful cats. Would love to see more....
Midnight looks like some exotic breed to me. I have noooo idea on the different types of breeds of cats, but he sure looks different.....beautiful!
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Coco is half siamese and that is where Midnights eyes come from. The Siamese Mix in the Pic with mdnight is Maui my sisters other Cat.
Here is the Mom of my Meeko and Sasha.

This is my Sasha.

Here is another Pic of Meeko

This is Oreos Mom.

Oreo before I got her.

Oreo with Coco on the day we brought her home.

Oreo now
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I love seeing all the kitty pics!! I guess that is because I am a cat lover!

Here are my two cats, Armana and Cleopatra. I have to load the new mom pics onto the computer before I can post them.

[img] ollQGnPqpfVtB%3F*KUp7BHSHqqy7XH6gX0QQ0o%7CRup6lQQ%7C/of=50,590,442[/img]
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Your codes didnt work. Where are you posting the Pics from?
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