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Hot ears

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My beaustiful baby, 9 month old, domestic short hair, white and light ginger in colour, has maybe he has had it for a long time and I've not noticed before, but his ears seem to be warm. is this normal??? he is an indoor cat who has always except for once, an accident when he was a baby, used the litter box, lately he only wants to go to the toilet outside, and only uses the litterbox if he is not able to get outside??? He has also recently gotten more adventurous when he is outside. He is not desexed as yet. THere is a big muscle steroid cat who he has tried to make friends with across the back, but muscles, just tries to attack him or chases him. He is a good, but fussy eater, wet and dry food offered and eaten 2 to 3 times a day, and drinks plenty of water.

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OK I'm not an expert when it comes to this, but yes I believe if his ears are warm it is normal. If his ears are burning hot that might not be good, may be sign of a fever. If they are cold, it means they are cold.

I say this because in the winter when Samson gets cold he will come and snuggle in my arms. I can tell he is cold because his ears are cold and he will stay snuggled up in my arms until they get warm again I will even place my mouth over his ears and warm them up gently with my breath. He really likes it when I do that
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How warm are his ears. My Meekos ears were red hot and her fever was almost 105. i have seen their ears get hot when thye play also just from being hyper.
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one of my cats has always had very warm ears while the other 3 are never as warm
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Thankyou for your replies, I think I am just being paranoid. He is a very lively kitten, and healthy eater, so there couldnt be too much wrong with him. We all just love him so much and anything just a bit off with him, I get worried.
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I'm the same way about my cats...very paranoid sometimes They have been to the vet a few extra times.

Holly has very warm ears and feet, and I thought she might have a fever, but never does. She is just very active, and it is summer. Unless, there are other symptoms, it's normal IMO.
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out of four kittys two have warm to hot ears nearly all the time the others change hot to cold .... I would worry if accompanied by any other symptoms

may I advise you to keep him in until he is desexed
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Em has hot ears right now and his nose is extra pink, so are his feet. This has happened to him on occasion, but I wonder if it is a fever.
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