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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, August 27th!

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Good morning!

Here's today's question of the day!

Do you reward your self for reaching a goal, or meeting a challange?

I tend to help someone else celebrate reaching a goal, but often don't do anything special when I reach my own goal. If it's an important enough goal, my family always seems to celebrate the success with me though, so it does get celebrated!
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I sometimes do depending on what it is..

I use to be much more goal-oriented then I am now because of that I use to spend more time working towards things then I would actually enjoying the ahceivement...

I have learned over the years not to make everything a challenge so now sometimes things pass by without me even realizing that I have finished..
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I always do. It usually involves splurge buying. Mostly superficial items like shoes, clothes, and jewelry. It has to be something that was hard to reach though.

If it’s a small goal I will go out and buy myself a really nice bottle of wine that I normally don’t drink, make myself a really awesome dinner and eat cheese cake for dessert LOL. Cheese cake is the best reward for anything .
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aww great now I want cheesecake

I do once and a while depends on what the goal was and what I did to get there
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If I have money to spare I like to go out to eat or buy a game of some sort. It's nice to treat yourself to something once in a while!
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When I started my weight loss goal, I said that when I get to a certain weight, I want to celebrate and get a new tattoo. Well, I'm past that goal and I haven't gotten it yet. I think it's a combination of finding exactly what I want and having the money.

If I have the money to do something special, I sometimes will buy myself something special like a new outfit or purse or something.
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I will sometimes, depending upon what the goal is, and if whether or not I have the money.

I'm certainly gonna "treat" myself, IF I win my disability case! I've been w/o my own vehicle now for almost three years, and depending upon the settlement I receive, I'm gonna put a down payment on that Mustang I've always wanted! (after I pay some bills, that is! )
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