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Daily Thread HUMP day August 27th

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Mornin folkies

Will be 26 and partly cloudy today. Its getting chilly at nights here already. We were jipped out of a summer this year..and it sucks!!

Today at work I am just finishing up my files, and then splitting my sales prospects for my coworkers. Out for coffee with my boss, and since its my last ever time, we are going downtown AND I get to have a chocolate croissant

Tonight I am heading out for dinner with my few friends here for a farewell send off type thing.

I basically have EVERYthing packed now...the computer will be the last to packed obviously

Anyhoo, I talk to much...have a good days folks!
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Good morning

Today is supposed to be 89* (and crazy humid, of course) with scattered showers. So if it rains, make it 15 days out of the last 16.

Going to make some honey BBQ chicken tonight for DH. We took separate cars again so I could have a 'surprise dinner' ready when he got home. I was going to do that yesterday, but he told me the MIL wanted to take us out somewhere (ended up going to IHOP). It's not too much of a surprise since he knows I'm gonna have something ready ... he just doesn't know what I might make some pierogies to snack on, as well.

Now I just gotta go over my work list this morning to see what I have to do today - trying to get everything done that is due through 9/2, so I can have Labor Day off
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Morning All!!

Sunny here looks like it is going to be a beautiful day...A little chilly at the moment only about 10 but should warm up soon..

Heading off to work shortly, nothing to pressing to do today just the usual stuff..Nothing planned for this evening just home and puttering I guess.

I have several chores that need to get done so I may work on those.

Kitties are good, having their morning treats right now..

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning

This morning I woke up to find out that the cats had puked on the bed and knocked over one of my gerbil's cage (the gerbil is fine). So those bad, bad cats are going to wait a little longer for their breakfast.

So I guess today I am doing some laundry and cleaning I also need to plan my vacation next weekend.

That's about all I have planned so far.

Have a great day everyone!
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Today, I will be training a new person for the assist line. We are soooo short handed, it will be good to have some new reps. We have lost a couple in the last few weeks and with all the brand new reps, we are so frazzled!

Then tonight a quiet night in front of the TV.

Only 3 more work days until vacation. Then I won't have to be at work until Sept 9th! Next Wednesday we both have doctor's appointments and then on Thursday (DH birthday) we are going to Santa Barbara for a couple of days. I will have Lissa, our neighbor and fellow cat lover look after the girls. (We watched her cat, Shadow, when she went out of town) we haven't gone out of town for a couple of years and are really looking forward to getting away from the heat.
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