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First Hair Ball

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Tomnus just threw up his first hair ball. I have also noticed that he hasn't finished his food which is VERY unusual for him and his water dish is almost empty which is also unusual. I am worried something might be wrong with him he never gets hair balls and always finishes his food.
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Don't worry too much. He probably didn't eat much cuz' his tummy was feeling ill because of the hairball. Just keep an eye on him and make sure his eating resumes.

Rocko loves wet food......it's his one passion in life. Even he occasionally-very rarely- will nibble.
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I'd say the same thing - if his appetite doesn't perk up within 24 hours, or if you notice anything odd in the litter box, call the vet for the next step, but I bet he'll finish up his plate today. Mine do that on occasion, and I got very nervous the first time.

I've noticed that if I provide some kitty grass on a regular basis, it seems to keep them pretty darn happy - and I use the furminator at least weekly on my DSH's.
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