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I am fuming

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When I was pregnant last year hubby and I signed up for a Babies R Us gift registry and all that jazz. Our baby died 2 weeks before his delivery date, so we returned a few things, and told them to take us off their lists since we were still getting "you still have items on your registry" flyers. They said they would, and we kept getting flyers which I just keep throwing out, but the baby specific stuff stopped.

Well, the 1 year anniversary of Joshua's death is coming up, and I just got a "1st birthday party planner" flyer in the mail from Babies R Us.

I mean seriously, what the is wrong with these people?!?!? Surely the first time we went in and lost it trying to explain why we no longer wanted their catalogues would have been enough for them to somehow put a request in for no more mail.

I rang their headquarters number to tell them to take me off their stupid mailing list, lost it, then when I finally pulled myself together and gave them all the information they needed, they lady says to me "Have a great evening". If I wasn't so upset I would have screamed at her.
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That is terrible they did that.
So sorry that happened.
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Firstly, I'm so sorry that you lost your baby boy I love the name Joshua, by the way. Think its a really cool name.

Rest in Peace Joshua

I totally understand your anger at the Babies R Us people, especially since you'd already went down to explain to them why they shouldn't keep you on their mailing list. I want to believe that they forgot among the many clients they may have, but hey, they are running a business, and client satisfaction sometimes means they have to be sensitive regarding such tragic incidents.

I can imagine how angry and hurt I would be to receive a birthday party planner in the mail, and I'm sorry that you have to go through this. It probably dragged up the pain all over again.
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Oh sweetie i'm so sorry Gee how the time has gone quickly. I really can't understand such ignorant, unorganised people like that. I really hope they got the message this time. If i were in your shoes i probably wouldn't have been able to hold it together *hugs*

You know what businesses are like these days, most of them just want to get an extra few dollars and they don't care about the customers.
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OMG Sarah, I am so sorry
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That's awful, as if it wasn't going to be difficult enough as it is.
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OMG I am so sorry.
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I'm sorry they have been so thoughtless, Sarah. Seems to me, if there's one time to get it right when someone asks to have a name removed from a mailing list, it's when the person (or in your case the person who is the reason for the mailing) has died. But it's surprising how often they don't. Unfortunately, it's just one more change to process and they forget that there are people involved -- people who will feel the pain of their sloppiness. I don't know if I could have contained myself. to you.
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Oh Sarah I am soo sorry sweetie

I would be very upset too- especially since you have already asked to be taken off their list. If I were you I would write an email off to the corporate tasteful but definitely get your point across about how upsetting this is for you. (I'm sure other people who have gone through the same type of loss have also had to deal with this issue also from company mistakes).
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How difficult to deal with. I am sorry.
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How thoughtless!! I'm sorry they put you through that *hugs*
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I am so sorry Sarah you are having to deal with this.

Will you be having a 1 year memorial for Joshua?
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Nah, I just want the day to pass by uneventfully.
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i'm soo sorry for your loss and that people were that cruel to you
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Oh, sweetheart. I'm sorry.
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sorry this is still happening... you'd think someone would've done the necessary thing the first time!

in the lady's defense - i worked on phones for years [airline, travel agent]. once everything is taken care of, we have a tendency to say our 'programmed' farewell message - it's kinda automatic.

btw - Nikki's idea of writing to the corporate office is a good one. at least that way, you can be CERTAIN that you're off the list!
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Some people are complete, total, & utter morons!!
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writing a letter is obviously the best way, but I would still go there and chuck a tantrum.
My baby wasnt as big as yours, but the pain is there, and i would and still do chuck a tantrum at anyone who hurts me in the slightest way about it.
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Well, since I work for Toys R Us, let me offer you sincere apologies and deepest condolences.
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Aww I am so sorry.
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Ah, that sucks.

I would find out who the CEO is and write a short, non-emotional letter about how flawed, inefficient and hurtful their process is.

I know someone in a similar situation. She miscarried and they still, months later get registry reminders and diaper & formula offers. I can't image how hurtful that is. Not to mention a really inefficient way to do business sending mailings to people who won't use your products.

I work for a very very large company and when someone gets to the CEO's office, it's taken seriously.
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I am so so sorry.
That is really insensitive. Someone should have gone the extra mile to ensure this would not happen.
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I am so sorry that Babies R Us apparently has incompetent people in their mailing list control department. What a terrible thing to happen. I agree with everyone else - you should write a letter to corporate. People don't write letters often anymore, but if you take the time to write one, you can often get your issue noticed.

RIP Joshua.
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Oh hun I'm so sorry. That place must have morons working there.
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So sorry, Sarah. It is too bad that you had to relive the pain of yours and Andrews loss.
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Oh Sarah, that must have been terrible for you both. . The thing is, if you go to the local store, they really have no control over the data base of the corporate offices. All this info is stored in main computer and they are probably automatic mailings flagged by the date. They may have passed the info on but there are no guarantees the home offices changed everything. I agree, write to the home offices (or call and ask if there is a phone number).

As for the person you talked to on the phone, I know it was the last straw, but she was probably required to say it, especially if it was an 800 number rather than your local store. I work in a call center, and it is required to say "thank you for calling (company name), and have a nice day". If they chose that call randomly for QA purposes and she didn't say that, she would lose points on that call. I have to deal with people calling in telling me their spouse died yesterday, and at the end of the call I'm still required to say it...and I feel like a heel everytime.
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