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Maybe it's just a Southern thing.....

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but I was so proud of my boy. One of our best friends has a 16 year old son that we have kind of adopted. His dad is a coworker of my DH and it is his boy. He spent most of the summer with us, and I became very attatched to him. He is a great young man, and dh are teaching him to tattoo so he can work with one of them when he gets old enough, teaching him old school, the right way.
Anyway, he went home and found that his mom had been severely beaten by her bf, and she admitted it was not the first time. He went to his Grandpa's house, grabbed the double barrel shotgun, prodded this drunken idiot out of bed with it, and told him to get out, now. He held the shotgun on this jerk while he gathered his belongings and slunk away like a whipped pup. He was made to promise he would never come near this woman again or there would be dire consequences.
Maybe it's a strange thing to be proud of him for, but I admired the way a 5'6, 150 lb. young man protected his mom.
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I think you should be proud! He "manned" up and did what he had to do! I hope if I'm fortunate to have a son one day, he'll be like that.
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Good lord. Okay, he's brave, but that gun could so easily have been taken away and used on him! The smart thing to do would be CALL THE POLICE!
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I certainly see why you're feeling so proud of him, Rebecca
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Good lord. Okay, he's brave, but that gun could so easily have been taken away and used on him! The smart thing to do would be CALL THE POLICE!
I agree, brave but dangerous. I hope his mom doesn't break down and allow the abuser back into the house as so often happens.
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Good for him! And to that jerk!

You have every right to be proud of your son! Most peeps would just turn their backs now-a-days..
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I have never met his real mom, but I understand she is a nice person who has had a very hard life, very little of it of her own making. His dad is still friends with her, and helps her out when he can, not just supporting his son. Apparently the guy she was with for 2 years happily became abusive when there was no one else around. Her son became suspicious when she would talk on the phone, but would not see anyone, so he went back to finish school there a few days early. They live way out in the country, so the bf could have done a lot of damage before the cops got there if things had been handled that way. He has apparently gone back to GA and is not planning to return to Spartanburg.
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Definitely not a southern thing- but a potentially deadly and dangerous thing he did. The proper thing to do in that situation is always to call the police. He's lucky he didn't get himself into something much more dangerous/deadly. I understand him wanting to protect his mom- but there is a right way to go about doing it.

People really need to learn when to call the police and let them handle domestic disputes. Domestic violence is often the most deadly thing a person can get involved in. He could have easily set that gun off by accident then would have had to live with the consequences of those actions or he could have had it turned on him. Next time I hope he calls the police if something of that nature happens.

I do hope his mom filed a police report and got a restraining order. Any idea how she is recovering? I hope she also considers joining a support group for women trying to get out of abusive relationships (a lot of time the abuse is not only physical but mental and they go right back to those abusive people- I hope she gets some good support and is able to move on and enjoy her life without having negative people like that in it.)
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I would probably call the police about the abuse, though...

Remember... most young men in prison are there for killing their mother's abuser.
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Awwww, how nice is that. Dangerous but what a loyal and protective boy. I would also call the police. I testified against a rapist/woman abuser once. The most shocking thing I remember about the trail was that there were at least 12 other women who were brutally raped and abused and no one told. If woman #1 had told, then 11 or more women would not have had this happen.
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Good lord. Okay, he's brave, but that gun could so easily have been taken away and used on him! The smart thing to do would be CALL THE POLICE!
Agreed. I think people should take action, serious action, in a case like that, but he placed himself in serious jeopardy.. Not to mention, if the man isn't locked up, this might not be over. And if that guy goes to the police, things can be turned around on HIM for making threats.

Just hope it all works out alright!
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Where he lives, the police would have taken at least 30 minutes to get there. This boy was smart enough to stand clear of being disarmed, while still clearing this guy out of his house. His mom had been with this guy for quite some time and had not hurt her until there was no one to stop him. He will not be coming back, he has already left town, The sheriff's department was contacted, and a report made. If he shows his face around there again, he will go to jail for attempted murder. The son was declared to be justified, and would have been so had he shot his mother's abuser. She has decided being on her own for awhile would be best.
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Sad thing is since it wasn't the first time...there will probably be another time. Maybe different man, but same pattern. One can only hope not. That tears people and families apart. I think the mom needs some serious therapy. And the son too.
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