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Pink Belly

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I noticed last week that Seamus's lower belly has no hair on it. I got a good look today when he actually let me touch his belly and his belly is very pink. What would cause him to lose his hair?? What can I do to help him??

Background Info.. He's about 3, he's been eating the same food for a year now (1 Fancy Feast wet can a day and Nutro dry to munch on otherwise), he's otherwise acting normally, maybe a little lazier than usual, but I've been lazier than usual myself, and the only possible stress on him right now is that it was just him and I and now my SO has been staying here a lot.

I did change litter brands, just remembered... I could never find Scoop Away Unscented so I tried Arm and Hammer, then couldnt find that unscented then went Fresh Step) Could that be the culprit?
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I have a white cat and he has pink skin and a hair growth pattern similar to what you describe. There is little/thin hair around the genital area. I think this is normal.

In your cat's case, it depends on where the lack of hair is. If the skin is unusually red, it could be sunburn from lying in the sun and having light skin. But I'd check to see what color his skin is on other areas of his body... chances are it's also the same pink.
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Oreo has this problem. Hers is because she grooms that area way too much. I have been told by the vet that it could also be allergies (either food or just environmental). I have not done any switching of her food but she just over grooms that area. It could be the litter switch that might irritate that area but I don't know. Does he groom that area lots?
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