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Little Ms. Irresistable gets a Fluff N Puff (again)

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This face can get away with murder!!

Maybe if I lay real still....she won't give me a bath & let me back outside to play in the dirt!

All puffy - give her a few more minutes to be dirty/messy again

See mom, you need to clip my eyes when you do my nails

Dorian was "assisting" us & chased his catnip treat over by her....and she snapped it right up

And one good/clear body shot

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Awwwww she is so beautiful, Nat. Her hair grew out really fast, too. It looks like its growing in more wavy than curly. I just love bichon noses
I cant believe she ate catnip
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She's close to being shaved again if she's always this high maintenence.
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I cant believe shes right there next to Bea. Does Bea like dogs?

I am so glad we had Snowball cut down. it has been so much easier to take care of. I told Jim I want to keep his hair that length all of the time. Its only like 3/4 of an inch long.
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If she can resist giving Bea a wet willy, they get along fine. Bea actually does pretty good with even the big dogs, provided Macey the heffalump doesn't step on her.

I want pics of Snowb's haircut now.....I do want to cut Izzy's super short again. I'm not cut out for this much maintenance.....and the vet suggested it so that her coat grows in right (and to see if it's just neuroticism causing her chewing her hair out).
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They dont think the chewing is an allergy? I know it would be difficult to find exactly what with these Bichons

Bea is truly a sweetie

SnowB's haircut ...

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Nat, is it the pic or is does she have a pink undertone to her skin?
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I love Izzy! She is so adorable!!
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Oh my goodness! Isn't she the cutest thing!
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
Nat, is it the pic or is does she have a pink undertone to her skin?
She's been having a very bad allergic reaction whenever she goes outside, causing the red skin. Dad took her outside, which is why she had the hopes to calm the itch.

She's normally got the pink undertone, otherwise.
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She's SUCH a cute little girl, I can see why she's forgiven for rolling in mud all the time
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She's a cutie, for sure...I wouldn't get her cut right down so short this time, will save you having to be concerned about sunburn, and also does protect their skin against some biting bugs. Suggest to the groomer a #4, or # 3 3\\4 blade all over, and leave the head alone, except to trim around the eyes, and even things up...I can't stand when groomers cut a Bichon's head so short as hers was!! They're supposed to have their longer fuller head and face...Lol!
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She'll be getting a short cut. I hate her hair & such at keeping it combed out, etc. She looks terrible half the time. Why couldn't sis have gotten "sick of" an easier to maintain type of doggie???

I'm thinking her last haircut suited her well, might haul her back to petco. She never goes outside, so I don't have to worry *as* much about sunburn....she still gets sunblock on daily.
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