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I have a Genetic Question

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My Coco had a Seal Point Siamese mom.
She is balck and white but her fur is a reddish brown in the sun.
We got her because she was the only kitten that didnt take the siamese side so no one wanted her.
Why would she be the only kitten not to look siamese,
She does have Medium Fur.

When she had her only litter of Kittens she had 4 Calicos and a all black kitten.
Two were dead Calico Males.
Here is what Stormy and Midnight looked like.
The father was a Orange Feral my Sister had saved years before.
I wished she had told me he wasnt fixed before I let Coco stay there because we didnt live in a place that accepts cats.
Coco is the one that could not be fixed and in all the years I had her she never got preg accept that one time.
This was my Stormy Cocos girl.

and here is Cocos son Midnight

What do you think the genctics are in them.
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Ok some basics:

First the X chromosone carrys the color - 2 X's (female) would have 2 color choices - either the same or different (black/red). Males are XY - so they can only get color from their mother. Dad's give color to the daughter (as well as mom).

Seal point is genetically "black". And pointed is recessive - both parents have to show it or carry it. If she was the only non-pointed kitten, chances are the dad is different. Maybe the other pointed kittens had a pointed father. Cats can breed to more then one male and technically each kitten can have a different father.

Now since Coco is black/white (btw she looks almost identical to my Ling ), and the father of her litter was red, you would get torties/calicos. Are you SURE you had calico males? Its very rare to have them let alone 2 in a litter!

The other kitty is a blue cream ticked tabby. Apparently both parents are also carriers of the dilute gene (blue is the dilute of black). Interesting you got a ticked tabby out of it. Maybe the father had more of a ticked coat.
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I am sure they were both mae Calicos.
It was verified by the vet.
Both were dead though and one had a deformed paw.
Here is a Pic of the father of Stormy and Yoshi

He is also my Meekos dad is that heps.

Meekos Mom is a fixed Russian Blue Mix that I see maybe once a year.
I think the Cats in the Pic with Simba the dad are my brothers Cats.
Which one is the Blue Ticked?
Are you talking about the one in the Pic with Midnight the all black cat.
Her Mom is a seal point siamese and she was still nursing them when my sister got Maui.
In fact when I got Sasha it was between Sasha and Candy mauis Mom but the person kept playing games so I got Sasha.
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The middle one (above your picture of the black) - that's a ticked tabby.

Sounds like a mixed up bunch of cats in the litter - sometimes Mother Nature has a "throw in all colors" day!
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
and here is Cocos son Midnight
Oh my goodness, with those tiny ears and that long face, Midnight looks a lot like a miniature panther!
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He has Siamese in him but that is all we know. He was the runt of the litter and had a hernia. He is very tall also.
Here is a better pic of Stormy where you can see all her colors.
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I'd guess Stormy has a little Aby in the background with that ticked coat
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She might because I took Yoshi to the Vet and the first thing she said was oh he is a Abby. He was Stormys half brother and died at age 5 also like her. The father is that Orange/Red cat in the other pic with all the cats. This is another pic of Yoshi
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Genetics is about probabilities, not certainties.

A colourpoint mum mating with a non-colourpoint dad can have either:
a) if the dad does not carry colourpoint - all non-colourpoint kittens
b) if the dad does carry colourpoint - a mix of colourpoint and non-colourpoint kittens.

In terms of probabilities, option b) is a 50% chance that any kitten will be colourpoint. But it is random. While you would expect the most likely outcome of the mating to produce a 50% colourpoint and 50% non-colourpoint litter (a ratio of 1:1), a 100% colourpoint or 100% non-colourpoint litter is perfectly possible, just slightly less likely than a 50/50 mix.

So the fact that the mum only had 1 non-colourpoint kitten in 1 litter is not unusual or unexpected. If she had 200 litters with the same dad (a physical impossibility of course, but in theory), you would expect the ratio of colourpoint to non-colourpoint kittens to average out to around 1:1, because you'd have a larger statistical sample. Like if you toss a coin 10 times, you could get 8 heads and 2 tails, but if you tossed a coin 100 times you're more likely to get closer to a 1:1 ratio of heads to tails (say 46 heads, 54 tails) because the sample of coin-tosses is larger. The more you toss the coin the closer you get to a 1:1 ratio, but if you toss it just once, you cannot predict the outcome, you can only guess with 50% probability what it may be.

Genetics is as much a study of mathematical probability and statistical analysis as it is biology.

I hope that helps explain
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That helps. The reason we got Coco is because the Siamese looking ones were gone and no one wanted Coco because she is Black and White. Coco was well worth the 45 we paid for her and is 16.5 years old now.
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