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When is a kitten not a kitten?

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I'm just curious. My cats were born the first week of January, and they seem to still be babies to me.

How old is a kitten when it turns into a cat
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Some felines can become sexually mature at 4 if you want to get techinal - even at that young age they can in certain situations be considered sexually prime (Which is why the old school train of thinking where vets make you wait until 6 months to have them altared is not good).

But as far as being full grown goes- 8 months to a year- buy this time they have all adult teeth and for the most part have finished growing. They finish developmentally "growing" around age two. Between kittenhood and two years of age you'll see them go through different changes and phases. Some breeds like Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras don't finish developing fully for several years when it comes to size/coat. Does that help?

(Developmentally speaking- I keep all of my foster kittens/etc on a high quality kitten chow for an entire year to help enhance development. After having tons in and out of my house i've found that works best in my opinion.)
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For show purposes - 8 or 9 months (depending on which country you are in).

In general - one year old. Many cats continue to grow/fill out for a few more years, but they are cosidered cats at one year old.
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Smudge is 2 years old and we still call her a kitten
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Keno (our lab) will be 6 yrs old in September - we still call her a puppy
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I consider a "regular" cat to be an adult at 1 year old, which is also when many are done growing.
However, we also have a Maine Coon and they keep growing until 4-5 years old!
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Sophia is only and year and half old and she still has kitten characteristics.
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I always call them a kitten until they turn 1 year old
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I say 1 year old, too. They may not be done growing by then, and you can always call them a kitten, but for the most part they are adults. And, that is when most people would say to switch to adult food.
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Maybe it's just me, but when I read the topic title of this thread, the first thing that popped into my head was, "when it's ajar."
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