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Big kitties are scared of the kittens!

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I was holding nimbus and i let neo sniff him, and neo's tail got all puffy and he ran into the other room!! Neo is a 19 pound cat and he is scared of a kitten that doesn't even have his eyes open yet what is up with that? I sure hope they can all learn to be friends! You should have seen the big kitties eyes! they were both just staring at the little baby
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Val, that happened when Lilith's kittens were little, too. Midnight, Sunshine and Coal were all terrified of the kittens at first. (Or maybe it was Lil, who was VERY protective of them with the other cats, they were afraid of )

Midnight was the first to lose his fear and became almost a surrogate dad to them. He wrestles with the boys and grooms the girls, it is very sweet.
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hahaha, some cats are just that way.

Asim dispises young kittens!! He can handle adults, he'll either like them, or put them right in their place because HE is boss. But kittens, if he sees them here he just glares at me like "Woman! What are you doing bringing these darn youngins into MY house, *hiss, spit, run*." The kittens will run up to him and be like "PLAY WITH US!!!" and Asim is like "Noooooooooooooo!!!!" He thinks they are an invasion of a plauge.
Once they grow up he gets used to them and doesn't mind them.

Tage... he LOVES kittens, he is any kittens sarget mother (now if only he was female.)
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The only cat I have that isn't afraid of the kittens is Hercules. He will go and lay with Mimi and the babies and clean them. Peppurr is very scared of the kittens! He thinks they are big monsters, he himself is a big monster. Peppurr is 15 pounds and very big, he's such a suck! So far only one of my cats has growled at the kittens. Mimi loves the other cats company!
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