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Ladies - BC question

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I have been using the Nuva Ring (and have loved it) for some time now. However, due to costs and the fact that I don't need it I was considering stopping it. I am not in a relationship and I do not have any issues with severe cramps or pms that I need to keep taking it or any form of bc.

I am just wondering if anyone had any negative reaction to going off bc because I am a little nervous about stopping it. What can I expect to experience and is it dangerous to stop it? I am afraid of mood swings, weight gain, etc.

Thank you for your help!
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Not knowing much about this method of BC, my only comment would be that perhaps you should talk to your doctor about going off it and what side effects are also possible. Not everyone reacts the same to medications so someone else's experience with this product may not be anywhere close to your reactions. It won't hurt, of course, to hear what others have experienced, but I do think you should have the discussion with your doctor.
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Thanks for that advice! I'll definitely do that.
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I do not know anything about it.
You should call the Dr and ask about the side effects of stopping it.
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Talk to your doctor first before you stop taking any kind of medicine like that.

A few months ago I went of my BC Pill (Yaz) when I thought I may have been pregnant.(I wasn't)/ I didn't really have any bad side effects- the only negative thing I can think of that happened was my face broke out and my cramping when my period showed back up was aweful. Mood wise though I actually felt pretty good! Nothing odd! / I went back on the pill though recently because I have PCOS and it helps with the side effects and really lousey cramping associated with periods/etc.
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I've been on the Nuva Ring for 2 1/2 years and still love it! Although I don't have the choice to stop From what I've heard from my doctor it's one of the fastest BC to stop and get pregnant with. With that said, I could imagine that your body will feel different once you stop, but you should have your natural cycle with no problems after that. (sorry that's all I know!)

I don't know if you started using it as long ago as I did, but it cost $75 when I first started taking it! OUCH! Thank goodness for insurance!
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Yeah, I started taking mine a little over 2 years ago. I do love the 4 day period and barely any cramping. I guess I should keep taking it if the only reason not to is money. I am worried about breaking out (especially w/ my stress level) and weight gain.

If you stay on BC, does it matter if you're on it for 5 years or 3 years or 10 years as to being able to get pregnant when you go off it?
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I had to go off the pill when we moved house. First time i went to a brand new doctor, and he said he wanted a whole tirade of tests, urine, poke around my stomach etc before giving me a prescription, and that my blood pressure was too high to be on it. I had none of these issues with my last gp even though my pressure was going up and down. So i've been off it 7 months now, which means i can't be as er..spontanious with Tristan..but apparently he's noticed that i have been less depressed since going off it. Because of all the stuff i went through with counselling and i'm still recovering from my breakdown, i personally don't notice, but he does. As for weight gain, well, i've always been on the larger side, and being on or off doesn't affect the way i eat. I don't miss having to be prompt with taking it every morning and stressing about forgetting to take one. I do miss having clearer skin and being able to er.....jump in the sack at the drop of a pin

I was on it for 3 years. Since i've gone off my first period came 4 days later, my second was only 6 days late and the third 2 weeks late. I'm hoping this one will be ok *sighs* i absolutely HATE not being able to control when it comes now, it spoils the days i want to do stuff or when i'm over at Tristans, i have to stay home and deal with it. Blah
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I have been on the pill for 10 years now, and have stopped several times. I never have PMS stuff, so for me there isn't much change at all.

If you are on a pill, or anything, that is too strong, too low, etc, you should feel really really great after you stop it. Natural is usually the best feeling unless a medical problem make sit neccasary.

After being on Ortho tricyclen for a long time, I outgrew it as I outgrew being a teenager. I became extremly moody, and when I stopped taking it I felt like a new person. Now I'm on Yaz and love it.
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Originally Posted by greenvillegal View Post
If you stay on BC, does it matter if you're on it for 5 years or 3 years or 10 years as to being able to get pregnant when you go off it?
i don't think there's been any definitive testing on that issue anecdotally, i do know that those relatives of mine that had difficulties becoming pregnant had been on chemical/hormonal BC for several years prior.
my sister, who used barrier + spermicide BC, never had any problems getting pregnant when she wanted to. she also had no unplanned pregnancies. however, i know she was very stringent in her use.
i choose the only 100% guaranteed method, myself - but i'm also unmarried.
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I hear ya Laureen... I am picking that 100% method now probably until I'm married. Thanks for all the advice! I think I'm going to try going off of it and see what the next couple months are like. If I don't feel good then I'll talk to my doctor about getting some free samples along with my prescription.
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