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School vibes needed

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I posted a while ago about the different things going on in my life. Well I am determained to take this one day at a time and focus on what comes first. That would be finishing up school here in the States. That brings is to one of the hardest semesters I have faced but after playing with the scheduler I was able to work my semester down to 16 credits which I think I have done before. The problem is all of the classes are new and its getting to the point where most of the easy classes are behind me(unfortunatly). Thankfully I was able to arrange it so I don't start until 11 so I can get some hours tutoring in the morning or maybe get a morning job just so I can be back and ready for classes by 11.

My Schedual Consists of:

11: Advanced Calculus(M, W, F)
12: Intro to Experimental Psychology(psychology with stats mixed in)(M,W,F)
1: Abnormal Psychology(M, W, F)
2: Statistics(M, W, F)
3: Physics(M-F)

Starting in November I will be taking a gym class at 8AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am not looking forward to it but it should be an easy A if I would just make my self get though it.

The only other class I am worried about is Advanced calculus. Most of the math majors that take that class fail it the first time(upwards of 80%). I tried taking it last fall and quickly dropped it before the first exam. I have a different professor this time but she is also the head of the math department so she may not make it any easier. Unlike all of the other Calculus classes I have taken, this one is proof based and has very little actual calculation it in. You take everything you learned in Calc 1-3 and try and show that it works in its very generic form,there by proving that it will aways work. This kind of math trys to answer the question "Why does this work" the problem is I don't care why I am perfectly happy knowing it works and using it.

Anyway classes start in a week and I filled out my tutoring application yesterday so hopefully the professor in charge of the tutoring center will contact me today with my hours. He basically promised me hours this semester but he didn't know how many or when so I still had to apply. Its really my dream job because i get payed to do it and it gives me work experience for when I become a teacher. And I will be doing mostly calculation math which is where my passion is.
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Lots of good luck vibes coming your way.

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...count with my best wishes to you my friend!...
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thanks for the support guys. I go to pick up text books tomorrow and then I have the rest of the week and the long weekend to relax before I'm back at it. I really really hope I can pass advanced calc but its going to be a bear.
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