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My Boys! (look out dialup)

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Hello, here's some pics of my kitties!

Rudely awoken! Toby on the left, Sifto on the right...

Toby playing

Sifto in the sink

Toby is my 9 month old bengal and Sifto is a three year old domestic short hair. Both are crazy in their own ways.
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All I can say I WOW - the are just sooooo gorgeous. You certainly have a special bunch!!
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Ohh my goodness what beauties you have there!
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wow what pretty kitties!!!
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Welcome! Your kitties are beautiful!
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Your cats are all so beautiful!
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Welcome to the site!! What gorgeous kitties you have! Thanks for sharing with us!

P.S. Hope I didn't scare you away from IMO Please post anywhere and join in our discussions in all the forums. If people didn't disagree, it would be a very boring forum.
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Your babies are adorable! I love the first picture... I get the same look from Spike if I accidentally wake him up.

BTW - welcome!
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Here's another action shot

His favourite toy to beat on

His favourite place to sleep (under this blanket)

Striking a pose

My other cat Howard, who I saved from the Humane Society. He lives with my parents in the country

And his friend, my sisters cat Sasha

Okay enough shots from the new girl
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Okay one last one cuz it's too cute to resist!
Sifto as a kitten!

heheehe *runs away*
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What gorgeous kitties!!! Welcome, and thanks for sharing such cute pictures. We love pictures here. Hope to see you around!
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WOW Welcome and what beautful cats!
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Welcome! You have beautiful cats!
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How Sweet and WELCOME!!!!!
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Those are some very fine looking cats. I think one of my first words was WOW. You also have a very good camera, if you don't mind me asking what kind is it?
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My camera is a Kodak Easy Share cx4230, 2.0 megal pixels. It cost me around $320 Canadian dollars. I wanted a camera that had good quality digital pictures without ridiculous features I didn't need and this one fit the bill =)
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OMG! Your kitties are so cute--and welcome to you and your furbabies! I LOVE that first photo with "that look"--like "EXCUSE ME, but I am SLEEPING!!!! Teehee
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LOL! Beautiful babies - BIG PICTURES! Whew!
That was painful to view on my laptop—LOL!
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Welcome and thanks for sharing the lovely pix!

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Welcome! yOu have lovely cats!
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