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Here's the Party for Funky D

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Congradulations on hitting 500 posts Donna!!!!!!!

we party a lot here at TCS

you's a posting fool!

just had to make sure my girl didn't feel left out

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Go Donna... how do you guys do it. :confused3

Just a fountain of knowledge aren't you!

Keep giving us all of that incredible info. I really appreciate you Donna!
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Thank you, Thank you very much!!

I'm so greatful to you all for this lovely honor!!! I love you guys!!!

Let's have a few brewskis.

Somebody, put a nickel in the jukebox, will ya? I feel like a dancing fool!!!!

:pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky:
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Happy Happy 500 Posts Donna!

think you can handle another drink?! oh, oooooookay, here you go...

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Lots and lots of parties this week at TCS forums. Congrats, Donna!

Tee hee sorry for the lack of little animated smilies but I know from experience that too many of them can make some people's monitors blink on and off!
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Congrats Donna!!!

Hope I won't make nobody's screen blink... but blue has given us some new smilies...

:blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq:

Don't drink too much folks... this site won't be approved as a family site soon... Begins to look like a bar in here

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A party, you say? For Donna? Five-hundred posts? Great! Hey, wake up everybody! It's party time!

I'm sorry for being so late, but I was (so I'm told) working on a big billboard of Buffy next to Interstate 5; and then I was being flown home (they tell me) in a biplane. Geez!

Okay, now where's the action? Oh. . . .

Pardon me, while I step outside for a moment.

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All these little guys are so cute - Donna, if you had time to post over 500 posts on the site, you just aren't here enough cleaning cages! (Just kidding). It is going to take me a lot longer because I only get to go to four or five threads every few nights. We missed you tonight at the house - :tounge2:
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You add a lot of knowledge to this bb I always look forward to your posts, and God knows, I love to partee!

We will crown you of the posts!
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: Yay Donna! :

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Congratulations Donna!!


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Thanks Deb!

How's everything going with you? I got good news at work today. Since they're redesigning the looks of the paper, they're going to improve the "Pet of the Week". It used to be just a picture and a very short description of the pet with a phone number. Now, I will be going out and visiting the actual shelters and seeing the pet for myself, taking a picture and writing a "short story" on the pet, i.e., how they came to be at the shelter, their temprament, interaction with people, etc. I am so excited. I get to do things I am really passionate about - writing and animals!! Downside is when Helping Paws wants a pet of the week in, someone else has to write it because they consider it a conflict of interest. I get paid $20 per story and already have 3 places lined up.



I've been waiting a long time for this chance.
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Donna, that is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy for you!!! I know you will do such a good job! And I hope you keep us posted on how it goes!!!
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Thanks Debby!

The cat I did the story on was so loving and playful. I'm sure once it hits the paper he'll get adopted quickly. I actually sat on the floor and played with him. The only hard part of the job is not coming home with another pet. And boy was today tempting. But, he has to be the only cat and I have 7 so that settles that!!
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Wow! That sounds like a wonderful job! And it's such a great help for the cats!
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I got the pictures back from the lab. He is a beautiful tiger tabby with white and has the best personality. The Pet of the Week is not just for cats either. It can be a dog, bunny, goat, (I refuse to do snakes):paranoid3 :paranoid3

Here's something everyone might want to try. It's called comet cursors


You can change your cursor to anything you want it to be. Mine is a Sphynx kitty. It is SO cool. Just go into "fun cursors".

Let me know what you think.

Anne, that was a terrible thing in Jerusalem with that suicide bomber. And they were kids too! When is this stuff going to finally stop??? I hope you guys are okay where you live. Why can't we all just get along??

Hope the pregnancy is going well. Please keep us posted!!
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Thanks for that website Donna!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I picked the running cat as my curser!!!! How adorable!!!! It just keeps a runnin' I hope more people check this out!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!
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I love it! I picked the emerald humming bird! Thank you so much for sharing with us!
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