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Can cats inherit a craving for certain foods? We have 5 cats, 4 belong to the same lineage. They all LOVE bread! If we leave the room for more a second with bread out it disappears. Doesn't matter if it is biscuits, french bread, etc. As long as it is bread they eat it.
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One of my cats will eat ANYTHING. I mean it -- she has tried Cheerios, Corn Chex, Soup, Bread, Tomato, Potato, Pepper, Potato Chips, Egg McMuffins, and of course, any kind of meat.

We've fed her things like this when she asks for a sample, for about 10 years now. She is 14 now -- and she still acts and plays like a kitten. (Seriously. She is still faster and at times more hyper than our 2 two year old cats.) Maybe that food is really good for her!
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I guess the questions about food went to the wrong thread(behavior). Is it alright to give him scrambled or hard boiled eggs? How about other beans? My cat loves chicken and beef. He also likes milk(is 2% ok?) I notice that when I eat my meals, Jake is always sitting on the floor besides my chair and it is staring at me and concentrating on food that I eat. Is that a cat's way of begging? One day I mixed dry cat food with a little bit of canned. Then I put a little bit of chicken broth and pieces of cooked chicken in his bowl. I also put cooked carrots, peas(I take the outer skin out), and corn. He ate it all up.
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Go back and read all of the posts in this thread. It gives all the ins and outs of feeding different foods including milk.
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