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Please pray for my FIL

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My dh's dad has been suffering from cancer for a while now, and just recently found out yesterday he has brain tumors as well...my dh was never close to his dad at all, and his mom and dad split up when he was very young, but he is not taking it too well right now....anyway...I just wanted to ask if you would just say a small prayer for my dh and for his dad...not that he may live longer, but that he will go in peace and not have to suffer anymore than he has and srength for my dh....Thanks in advance...
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That is real sad. You have my prayers.
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I will keep them in my thoughts.
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Prayers on the way from Toronto!
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Prayer coming from NY
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Prayers on their way from GA. ((HUGS))
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So sorry to hear that...will send prayers for your FIL as well as for the rest of your family....
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Oh that's so sad! I know exactly what you're going through.. my FIL has pancreatic cancer. I'm sending prayers your way.

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Kathy, I'm so sorry to hear about your FIL. It's so hard to see them suffer in pain like that. I pray that he goes without pain and suffering. Sending prayers and positive vibes...and hugs too!
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Prayers are on the way to your father-in-law and the rest of the family.
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Prayers coming from BC!
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Sending good thoughts from PA as well.
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