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Swollen Neck - 5mo old kitten (pics)

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I just noticed this today on Tonks... it doesn't hurt her, and whatever it is is soft, could it just be swelling from teething or should I freak out? I took her coller off to be safe.

(The pics are dark so you can see the lump on the left side of her neck)

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Whatever it is, she needs to go to the vet. It could be anything from an abscess to a swollen bite to who knows what. Definitely needs to be checked out.
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Take her to the Vet.
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Do you guys this is something that can wait to the weekend or should I go to the E vet or should I just call the vet tomorrow????????

She's been very active all day, still is, nose is cold and wet and she isn't bothered at all...
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I would not wait because its swollen and it can be anything.
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That could be alot of things, including swollen lymph nodes. Take that baby to the vet! Good luck!
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Well, to update, I've e-mailed the pcitures and some comparison pictures to her vet, and I will call the office when they open. I will ask if he wants to see her tonight or if he feels she can wait until this weekend. She is still doing fine, she was running around playing this morning when I left.

I'll keep everyone posted, I'm so worried about my baby!
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She's beautiful. Prayers and for your baby.
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Originally Posted by aswient View Post
She's beautiful. Prayers and for your baby.
awww, thank you!
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I am glad you called the vet.
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Her apointment is for 6:45 tonight

Wish us luck!
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Hope its nothing too serious.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Hope its nothing too serious.
Me too! Thanks!
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awww poor tonks!! I hope she feels better!
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So we're back from the vet

He thinks is probally just an inflamed salivary glad or lymph node, her temp was 103.2 so he put her on clavamox for 1 week (which pushes back her spay anoter 2 weeks)

He's going to call in a few days to check on her, and see how its doing, if its teh same size or larger he will send a sample out, if it gest smaller, well then, we'll assume infection.... wish us luck!
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Sending healing vibes for your kitty. I'll hope and pray it's just an infection and the antibiotics will clear it all away.
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I will say that the swelling has already gone down a little with just one dose of the meds, the lump is still the same size... about the size of a large peach pit. It doesn't bother her at all, so I really hope its nothing major!
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One of my little boys was born out in the snow in my backyard, I didn't know that until just before Spring, when I brought them in one of them had a terrible wheeze, the Clavamox helped him right away. Hoping and Praying its just an infection that can be cleared up with the antibotics.
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How is the little one today - any change in the size of the bump?
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Tonks is doing great! The lump is now the size of a small almond!! She does have a bit of loose stool, s I'm calling the vet in a few min to see if it could be from the Clavamox. She's eating and drinking like a champ and using the litter box perfectly!

Thanks everyone for the support and vibes! KEEP THEM COMMING!
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Yes, Clamavox can cause diarrhea, so it's nothing to worry about. Glad to hear that the lump is going down!
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Just thought I'd share te woneerful update that after a full week off the clavamox that the lump on her neck is still complety gone YEY, and she seems to have stopped suckeling everything too!
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Glad to hear it!! Thank goodness you took her to the Vets' soon as
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i love threads like these! when you read through the worry to a happy ending!
so glad that tonks is back to normal! TCS vibes worked their magic again!
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Excellent news! Thanks for keeping up updated.
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I'm glad your baby is ok. It's so scary when something strange like that happens.
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It was very nerve racking!

She is actually at the vet right now getting her Spay (YEY!), since there were no complications from the "mystery lump" her vet said she was good to go
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My kitten that I got from a no kill shelter has the same thing. He got it when he was about 3 months old. Took him to the vet. Vet said it was from teething and should subside around 6 months of age. Now he is 7 and a half months old. It was originally on both sides of his neck, now just one. So we took him back to the vet. Now the vet thinks he has some horrible conjenitile disease. The blood tests ($245.00 worth) is not back yet.

Did you ever figure out what was wrong with your cat? The pictures you posted look EXACTLY like what my cat still has. I see that your post is over a year old. Please let me know what you found out and if your cat is doing better.
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I replied to your PM!
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Could you post whatever you found out about your cat's swollen neck? I have one today that just popped up. 2 weeks ago another cat had it following runny eyes. The vet figured he was bit while playing or maybe an insect bite, but I find it hard to believe the exact same thing happened to a second cat. I feel it's a virus or some disease. Please add any info you've found. Thanks!
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