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Medical Question

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Is it possible to get a yeast infection on your foot. I am prone to getting them but not on my foot but it is the same raised red weeping sore like I get when I get a yeast infection. I also have one in the normal spot(under my belly flab) from sweating while cleaning and its getting quite tender but I'm more worried about my foot. It looks really gross but its not open yet, I am not sure if the sores are producing any liquid yet(like the one on my stomach does) or if it was just sweat but the skin on the top of my foot feels REALLY tight right now. Its just my right foot the left one is fine.

Any Idea's what this could be?
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Sounds like foot fungus to me, but I'm no doctor. Try putting Gold Bond on your feet after you come out of the shower/bath (dry them completely first) or contact a local pharmacy and see if they have an OTC ointment they can recommend. If it gets worse, I would see a dematologist.
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i've found that the cream sold OTC for vaginal yeast infections does very well for treating skin yeast infections topically. i use it all the time [lots of loose skin since the weight loss].
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Yes, you can get yeast infections on your feet (athlete's foot). If you're prone to yeast infections you may want to start taking AZO Yeast (you can get it at Walgreens and most other stores) - it's a natural supplement that helps prevent them.

You need to see a dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis though for accurate treatment. Until you can get in though, Lotramin should help. (it's an OTC anti-fungal cream)
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its not between the toes though its on the top of the foot about 3-4 inches from the cracks of the toes(I have long feet).

I might try that vagisil on my other rash though because its starting to burn which means its getting worse.
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