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Cat keep throwing up

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Hey everyone and thanks for reading.

I have a 10 year old cat. I'm not really sure what breed he is because he's a mixed breed and i bought him at a pet store and they really had no knowledge about him either. He's your typical house cat and never goes outside. He's a very loveable cat, except for one issue.

He throws up his food. He doesn't everyday, but he does quite a few times each month. It doesn't even look like the food is digested, the food is whole. I've tried switching brands of food, but no brand seems to prevent him from throwing up. I've tried hairball formula foods and plants and such because i thought it was hair mixing in with food and thus making him sick, but nothing has changed. I thought perhaps he was running around directly after eating, but he doesn't seem to do that either, he usually goes and lays down.

I dont know what's wrong here and what my next move should be. Has anyone ever had this issue before and found a solution?
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there is a thread almost identical to this, in this forum so check it out.

are you feeding your cat dry food? have you tried wet? My cat cello throws up almost everytime he has dry. He eats too fast and it's undigested and it causes him to purge. Sometimes he still throws up his wet but not as much at all. Some cats just have more sensitive tummy's and throwing up is characteristic of cats.

If you insist on feeding dry, try elevating the bowl and placing golf ball sized balls in the bowl for him to eat around, this should slow him down, maybe try large sized kibble that will force him to chew.

If you are having this issue with dry and WET, then a vet visit might be in order and you may need special food if he has an allergy, how ever if it is dry only I would try switching to wet first to see if he is just an 'enthusiastic' eater.

Keep us posted and good luck with your baby!
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WHat are you feeding ?? What have you tried .. Many brands are nearly identical and some are made by the same company

How long have you been having this issue??

When was the last senior blood work done ??

Does the vet know of the issue??
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