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Teeth being absorbed by the gum

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My vet says it is normal. But I was wondering if anyone here has any experiance of their cats having this happen.

Again, it is poor Rocko...see my post about him losing a nipple My poor kitty!

I did a search here and couldn't come up with any threads about this.
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Do you mean his baby teeth are being absorbed by his gums?

I have two kittens..a 2.5 month old and a 5.5 month old. The older one has lost some baby teeth. The Vet said that they usually fall out when they're eating and just get eaten along with the food.

In humans, the baby teeth don't have strong roots...and when the exposed tooth falls out, the root has usually been absorbed by the body..because the adult tooth is already coming down to fill the space left by the baby tooth. Maybe kittens do it differently...
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Could you perhaps be referring to feline oral resorptive lesion (FORL)? The Cat Fancier's Association has an excellent article here:
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Rocko is 8. My old man.

I read the article and believe that I need to look into this more thoroughly and perhaps see a vet that specializes in dental, we have one close by so no excuses.

My vet said it wasn't an issue but who knows? The article really opened my eyes to possible probelms.

Off I go to do local spca website has some good links.
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