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Two new additions!

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I don't know if any of you remember the post I made a couple months ago about the Greenhouse Kittens, but my supervisor was told by her boss that she had to get rid of them... So I got them!

They are about 3 months old, both little boys, one orange short hair and one grey long hair. They are both really sweet and lovable. I'm so excited to have them! Everyone else at work is probably going to hate me, though

Question: what's the recommended age to get them neutered?
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Congrats Pictures please
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Awwww congratulations Another vote for pics!!

They are old enough to get neutered now.
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There are pictures of them in the linked thread. They're a bit bigger now, and I'll post some updated pics at a later date
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Oh my gosh look at that precious face!!

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A pair of real cuties. As to neutering, if they are male, they can be done almost anytime, but before 6 months (and even that can be later than is safe).
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Whoa! Cutie patooties!
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Congrats, they are too cute
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Thats awesome! Can't wait to see what they look like now...hopefully the orange one will let you get a good head shot.
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Absolutely adorable!!!!
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Orange kitty has been named Felix, and the grey one is Lynx
As for pictures, my camera batteries are dead... and we don't have any more...
so when ever I manage to get around to buying batteries, you will have updated pictures
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I managed to get my camera to stay alive for a minute to take a quick picture of the kittens while they were sleeping together... it's really the only time they sit still, anyway lol

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I have a debilitating weakness for orange tabby cats; they're both adorable!
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They are both gorgeous!! I love the way the orange one is laying.. My Monster does that. Its so cute!
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They are both so sweet!
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They are absolute sweeties.
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Originally Posted by FrootLoop View Post

Question: what's the recommended age to get them neutered?
I'll move this to health and nutrition so you get more answers to your question. A lot depends on what your local vets will do. Many vets in the US are beginning to do it when the cat reaches 8 weeks and at least 2 pounds.
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Gorgeous kitties. Lynx reminds me of Blossom at that age with his fluffy tail. I love grey cats. In the old days dogs & cat were fixed at 6 mths. But because of a lot of people not bothering & the pet over population they are being done a lot sooner. Breeders in Australia seem to do them at 10 weeks b4 they go to their new homes at 12 weeks. Puppies in shelters are done at 7 weeks. I think this is far too young, it apparently affects the way they grow. I've read a few articles that say, due to hormones no longer available that they grow rangy amongst other things. As Blossom is female & the vet told me when they come on heat they stay on heat until mated & continually howl. So, I had her done at 5 mths. With my puppy, I'm waiting until she has her 1st heat to allow her to grow properly.
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