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"Sticky" Skin in newborn kittens?

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My friends cat had kittens on April 11th. They are all really sticky and are constantly crying. I advised him to take them to the vet but he just says "Oh, they'll be fine!" I know that sticky skin is a sign of dehydration, but I need to know, what makes the skin so sticky? I am heading over there tomorrow to gives the kittens Pedialyte(sp?), since I know this a great way to rehydrate them. I will update you later.
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It really depends on exactly how sticky. They can feel a little bit sticky for a week or so sometimes and that's normal. Usually it's the belly that feels a bit sticky. The best way to test for dehydration in a small kitten is the gums. Make sure they are pink, and when you press on them, they return to pink very quickly.
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i would be worried about the kittens too!! I am so nervous about my little monsters. Hopefully they will all be okay.
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It could be urine or feces making the kittens sticky. What is the mom eating? Is she getting a high quality kitten food? Is the bedding being changed under the babies? Keep us posted OK?
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The mother is fed Sophisticat. Her bedding never gets changed. I feel so awful. She does clean them, but they seem to urinate without stimulation. The kittens are always crying. They lay in a big pile and meow non-stop. Their skin is very sticky, almost like they were dipped in sugar.
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Poor little buggars. Can you convince your friend to change their food? I have fed that before to ferals when it was all I had! If their owner won't do it then you go over there often and offer to change their bedding for them!
Poor darlings
Good luck hun, I'm glad you checked them out!
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I am going over there tonight. I was thinking of picking some better food up for her, probably Natural Balance. I just hope they're doing OK, since he has'nt phoned me yet. Also, I noticed that her mammary glands are'nt there, what I mean is that you can't feel them and her teats are really tiny. How long can a kitten survive without milk? I am going over there with some KMR and I'm going to see if I can express any milk from her teats. If she isn't producing milk, I will hand rear the babies. I know it's hard to raise newborn kittens, but if it saves their lives, I'm up for it!
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That's so wonderful Natural Balance would be a perfect food!!! One of my favs
I hope they are doing ok, and I hope they are able to feed right now, see how the kittens are growing, they should not be skinny by any means but I'm sure you know that!
Does he have a change of beddding? Perhaps you should bring over some extra towels and what not just incase.

The cat milk is a good idea, you should always get some for a back up. Hold old are these kittens now?

Here are some good milk recipies for the kittens incase your stores that sell the KMR close up early.


Is your friend going to take them to the vet eventually? Has the mother ever been seen by the vet?
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My friend says he can't afford the vet, yet he goes out and buys really expensive stuff for himself. He has no change of bedding. The kittens are 4 days old now and very skinny. They are so small, about the size of the palm of my hand. Their skin is really red. The kittens were shaking when I went over there yesterday, almost like they were really cold. They are kept in a small bathroom with no windows! I wish I could keep them here, but then I would have 20 cats. I am still waiting on the phone call. I am going to bring over some blankets and towels. I just hope their alright.
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I don't suppose you have the money to take them to the vet?
Will the guy offer to rehome them to someone who will take them in and nurse them back to health? Lord I hope you are able to help these babies! I'm so worried now!

I also hope the momma doesnt' have worms!!
Make sure you clean yourself up really well before you go home to your own cats!
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The mother has never had worms, but did has a severe trauma to her back legs. She could'nt walk for a week, and now she just limps around. She had a bad case of ear mites and ringworm. She was also infested with fleas. I wish I had the money to take them in, but it would probably cost a fortune! I wish he would re-home them, he lives in a little apartment above a transmission shop and it always stinks like oil. He has 9 cats now, and his apartment is so tiny.

The kittens are in a tiny box and momma can hardly fit inside. I brought over a bigger box last night. I just got the phone call and he says they are all still sticky. The mom was 11 months old when she got pregnant and she is so tiny. She is also very skittish, if you stand up, she runs. He said that mom had a bad case of diarrhea right before she gave birth.

The kittens are the same size as they were the first day. I know of a wonderful woman that would gladly take them in. She works for CARES in PetsMart. I know she has hand reared many kittens, it's just that it would be so hard for him to let the kittens go.

By the way, the guys name is Tim and the mother is Chi Chi.
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Hmmm. 9 cats? Can they easily live in that space? They are not vetted, all of them?

Perhaps it's time for a little tip off call to the local Humane Society? They could at least come and talk to him, maybe take a couple cats off his hands so it would be easier for him and talk some sense into him about spending money for his cats health.
He wont get in trouble or fined, he's not doing anything illegal, but perhaps it would be for the best for all of them if he released a few? Rescues don't have the authorization to request the release of animals, but the humane society sure does.

Just a thought...
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do you think your kitty would nurse them? Or would that be too much of a strain on her with her litter? How many babies are there?
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They'll tell him what to do, offer him some help. If he complies he won't have trouble.
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Chi Chi had 6 kittens. Mimi probably would'nt nurse them. I was thinking of calling the Humane Society. I'll talk to him about giving the kittens to somebody else. He has a male and another female cat. The male gets the living room, the female gets his bedroom and Chi Chi gets the bathroom. Now that Chi Chi had 6 kittens, they sould be kept in the biggest room!
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Your Mom cat probly would nurse those kittens too. It sounds like the kittens are starving to death. If the Mom has no milk she can't possible be feeding them. I would remove them asap! They may already be too dehydrated to survive at this point. Please keep us updated!
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I would just tell this guy point blank, that it's wonderful that he would like to keep the mom and kittens, but if he keeps going at this rate, they won't make it. It sounds to me as if she's not producing enough milk for them, and she's not old enough to really take care of them.
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I'm going to cry. I have told him that the kittens need to see a vet, he insists that they are fine. I told him that the kittens will not live much longer if they are dehydrated. I don't know what to do, I wish one of you guys was here to help me!
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Tasha, it is time to call the humane society if these kittens are to survive. Even though we aren't there in person, you know we are with you in spirit!

Sending you major hugs and some strength to do what needs doing. {{{{{{{Tasha}}}}}}}}}}}
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Kittens DO cry alot, if that's any reassurance at all. How old are they again?
You can check to see if they're dehydrated easily by pinching thir scruff and seeing if the skin returns to nromal quickly.

If they ARE dehydrated and he won't see a vet, all I can suggest is asking the vet for a bag of lactated riggers and giving them sub-q injections (200ml bag is 12.00) and feeding them by hand. This just doesn't sound like a good situation, but unfortunately you can only do as much as the owner will allow you to do
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You convince him to give the kittens And mother, or at least the kittens up to you right now! Or call the humane society.
I had a couple kits last year that were very near death I honestly didnt' think they would make it, specially not with out there mother, but they did! It can happen, you just HAVE to get them out of there dear.

If you call the humane society, you do not have to give them your name, but if you do you can ask them to keep you as annonymous to this guy who has the cats. Not that they would mention your name anyways. Tell them the deal, and that you are concerned for the animals, that you have been to this place and SEEN these animals and that you fear they might die, HOPEFULLY the humane society will do something, I can't garuntee they will tonight or tomorrow, but as soon as they can IF you have a decent HS near you.
At very least if he gives them to you, then YOU can turn around and bring them to some rescue that does have space for them.
Even if you can take these cats and have them in your warm and feeding arms for a day or two it can make or break their life hun.

Do you think your friend would at least give you the kittens? Or at least offer "I'll take them off your hands for a little while, so you don't have to worry about it?"

I feel so upset now, not at you, but people like him. Just reminds me so much of Avil and Meliah, they were really on their last leg, took me forever to get them from a dog rescue who had come across them, by the time I got them they were barely moving, but with in 2 days they perked up a little! And they have a happy home together now as young adults.
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Me and my Mom are heading over to his house after we pick my brother up from work. I would really love to take the kittens, but my Dad would'nt be to happy with it. We do have a very good Humane Society out here, the problem is, it takes them so long to help people. I don't know what to do!

I will update you after I go and see the babies. Oh and for those of you that don't know, Chi Chi has 6 kittens and they are 4 days old.
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What you need to do is quite clear.

Call the humane society. The sooner you call, the sooner they can help.
If these babes die without making that call you will be haunted for the rest of your life.

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i just feel so awful for those babies!!!!!
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how are the babies? I'm so worried about them
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Tasha, did you get to see the kittens tonight? How are they doing? I am sending prayers, best wishes and all that to them...
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I guess i'm extra worried because i have baby kittens and am so protive of them. i sure hope those little babie are okay!
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I just got home! 3 of the kittens are big and look healthy, 3 of them are skinny and look unhealthy. I might bring the runt home to see if Mimi will nurse her. Only 2 of Chi Chis teats are big, maybe they just are'nt all getting their share of milk? I brought bedding over and I made the Kitten Glop, the runt ate 10 ml and the other tiny ones ate around 3 ml. I'm heading over there again tomorrow.

About the Humane Society, I told him that he's got a week, and if those kittens don't improve, he's going to bottle feed the little ones, I will call the Humane Society. He understands how to feed them and I hope these babies will be alright!
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Oh, those poor little kittens! Thank goodness you've been around to check on them... doesn't sound like their owner cares half as much as you do. I hope they'll be okay... keep us updated! I'll be keeping them in my thoughts.
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I hope he keeps up his word and takes care of them, definetley keep going over and keep your eye on them. Good job, don't back down, you know in your heart what the right moves are!
Thank you for doing that
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