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Kitten on the keys.

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Any foolproof ideas from stopping my Max jumping on my desk and walking all over my keyboard?
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My kitties do that too.

I put a thick piece of cardboard over the keyboard, or enable the screen saver with keyboard lock, if I'm not actively using the keyboard.
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um no

Mine usually only does it while I'm using it (I think) but I am training her to not jump onto the comp desk at all. Give an inch, they take a mile you know.
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there's software you can buy [if you have a PC] for that [they don't make it for mac ]: Pawsense
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When I saw the headlines, I thought you were talking about the piano.

Zane likes to sleep under the piano. (I have a grand, not an upright.) When I start playing, he takes off, though.

He's never jumped on the keys; Smog, one of his predicessors, did once, but the sound scared him so he never did again.
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We had to banish kitties from the computer room after Pepper wiped out DH's hard drive.
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I've had to enforce a no computer desk rule with my two. They will still try once in a while, but I don't allow them on my lap or on my desk while I am working. They seem to understand, especially if I give them attention once I get up from the desk. Tsekani knows that the end of the bed and the first level of the cat climber are the best spots to capture my attention as I walk by.
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Originally Posted by roobear View Post
Any foolproof ideas from stopping my Max jumping on my desk and walking all over my keyboard?
I stand the keyboard up on its end with the keys facing the wall. They don't seem to know it's there.
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If I'm using the keyboard, it's not really a problem. If one of the kitties starts to walk on it, I'll block him with my hand or move him somewhere else.

Lately they prefer to lie on top of the monitor (a CRT), and try to catch the cursor. I sometimes have to push one of their little arms out of the way so I can see the screen.
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This is only a problem for us if we're actually trying to use the computer (silly hoomans!)

We now have a kitty tree in the computer room with a perch right over the hooman seating area. It helps sometimes (with general curiosity), but when she's decided the best place is on your lap with her head on the shift key, there's nothing to do but shut the door or type with one hand.
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Originally Posted by Dave_L View Post
My kitties do that too.

I just posted a thread about the same thing, including "evidence".

When I'm not using the computer, I chase the cats out of the room (b/c they always follow me in there! ), and then close the door so they can't get back in. I don't want them in there playing with the cords and all, or getting fur all over everything - especially since we got the new computer!

About the only way to keep a cat away from anything you don't want to see get ruined is by keeping the door shut to that specific room..
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Unfortunately, my computer room is the dining area attached to the kitchen, and there's no door.

It's not a big problem. I put one of those plastic spiky mats underneath the cables. Along with occasional use of Bitter Apple, they've mostly stopped playing with the cables.

Slasher still insists on kitchen counter cruising, but that's another story.
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Shutting him out is not really an option as my computer is in my room and he sleeps in here at night so he jumps on it if i am using it late at night plus its more his bedroom now rather than mine so hed get very upset if i shut him out. He only does it if i'm using it. He isn't interested in the cables just the keyboard and cos its a laptop he can't sit on the moniter.

Btw on the other kind of keyboard, he is a very talented pianist
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