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New kitten, should I be worried?

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He often scratches his ears and 'shakes' his head like a dog when a dog is wet. Is there an easy way to see if he has mites?

He sneezes some as well. And I noticed that the inside of his nose gets lined with 'thick' black residue which I clean out.

Yesterday he started eating WAY more than he had previously. He also drinks more water than I remember seeing a cat drink before and he also pees quite often. I'm assuming that's a good thing?

Thanks for your help, hopefully I'm just being paranoid!
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Time for a vet check... One for the ears and two for a likely worming .. How old is the kitty??

Sorry often many of us ask lots of ???s to see if we can help
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Probably has ear mites, is there black gunk in his ears? When Chloe had ear mites, she had black gunk. It's pretty common for kittens.

The sneezing could be a respiratory infection. Also common for kittens that came from a shelter environment.

The increase in food and water is good. How long have you had him? Sometimes cats are not hungry or thirsty when they are in a new environment.

So...definitely go to the vet! It needs to go anyway for shots and to be spayed/neutered (if it's not already). I would think about having it micro-chipped also. Many vets have a new kitten package that gives you a deal on all that stuff.
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Should have included all of this stuff.

He's about 5 months old (was born in March). Came neutered and up to date on shots from the shelter (got rabies the day before I picked him up).

I've never seen a cat take to new environments like this guy... he LOVES new places and especially loves doors...

I am planning on getting him micro chipped shortly.

There is some stuff in his ears but it looks like wax as far as I can tell. The black stuff is in his nose and seems to have cleared up as of now, it's been a couple days since there was new stuff.
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When my 5.5 month old was suspected of having earmites, the Vet looked for white stuff as well. Even though she didn't find any...all the head-shaking and ear scratching stopped the day after he was treated for earmites

It's always worth a visit just to make sure. When he started shaking his head and scratching his ears in front of the Vet...that clinched the diagnosis.
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It's possible he also has an ear infection. Left untreated, they just get ugly.

I always advise new adopters to get their new pet vet checked ASAP after adoption, as things do get missed.
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