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Daily Question.................08/25/08

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Good morning my dear friends…
Today I have the privilege to post here your daily question for the Lounge… I want to mention that all questions here are just for the unique porpoise of fun and of course, to stay in touch with all members, and to know what do you think about it… of course sometimes some questions are a kind of silly but funniest in the bottom!..… so lets begin…

During the summer, do you like to Go to Fishing?.....are you a person who don´t get dizzy on a boat? you have a personal record fishing?....…..

...let start to post here!......
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No fishing for me. Every time I get near a boat, it breaks down.
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I love to go boating, its so peaceful to me, but no fishing for me.
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I'll go fishing only if I can throw the fish back immediatly after I've caught it.
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No fishing for me, but my Uncle goes every weekend (as far as I can remember! )
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I like the water. I enjoy being in a boat. It's nothing anywhere near a passion, though. I can go years without and not miss it. As for fishing, it doesn't interest me in the least. I'm happy to cook and eat the catch, but content to let someone else have the pleasure of sitting there with a stick in his hand -- and if he wants me to cook 'em, he can clean 'em.
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My dad used to take me fishing, but I haven't been since I was little. I dislike boats and water, so I'd never go fishing out on a boat. It's fun to stand on the shore or dock and fish though!
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No fishing, no way, no how. Love the water but don't like boats too much. I'm happy to just stand on the shore and watch the water flow.
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The last time i went fishing i was in elementry school and I hooked myself straight through the side of my index finger No more fishing for me!

Now that i'm older, I just don't see a point to fishing for me because 1) i don't like eating most seafood - so there's no reason for me to fish because i wouldn't use the fish for food and that would be wasteful. 2) I think it's cruel to fish just to catch one and then throw it back in the water becase hooking a fish injures it- and i just can't justify doing that just for "sport".

It's just a personal preferance.

I do however LOVE fish tanks and enjoy spending time working on mine
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I have never been either fishing or boating and have no desire to do either one.
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Our whole family fishes. I pretty much only do it on family outings, but I do like to fly fish. It's more active than drowning worms, so I'm much better suited for it. I don't do well with sitting quietly for long. We only do catch and release and only with very small barbless hooks so we don't harm the fish. We lose a lot of fish that way, but it's worth it to make sure we don't hurt them.

It's not a record or anything, but I'm especially proud that I caught a brook trout in the Battenkill river last year on a trip to Vermont with my dad. Brook trout are notoriously hard to catch, so it was really exciting!

I like boats, and I never get seasick. DH gets really seasick, though, so I don't manage to get out all that much.
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I love deep sea fishing but I get seriously seasick so I don't go very much.
DH and his father normally go every weekend. We always have fresh grouper and snapper.
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I like to fish for the company, and only if we eat the fish. I hate the idea of catching / hurting / tormenting a poor fish just for sport!

If it were just me, nope, wouldn't go. But with hubby, parents, friends, and my dog, I love it! Especially when we go camping, too! That's really fun, when you spend all day fishing and get to end it with a yummy, fresh cooked and caught fish dinner under the stars...

As for sea sickness, fortunately, I don't get it. My mom does, though, really bad. Her latest thing is this prescription that is a patch that goes under the ear. For all you that get it, you should try that. She swears by them!
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When I was a little girl, I used to go fishing with my Daddy all the time. He taught me how to bait the hook and cast. Fishing will always be close to my heart just because of all of the great times I had when I was little. Never been boating though. The only time I have ever been on the water I was on a paddle boat and I vomited all over the place.
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I love to fish!!! We didn't do any fishing this year though. We didn't want to spend the money for a fishing liscence.
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I use to fish a lot when I was a kid, however haven't had the time for several years..I do like boating, sailing more the power boating...I got my first sail boat when I was 11 and had it for years...I still go sailing occasionally when I visit my brothers home during the summer..
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I used to fish in the stream in the country when I was little. I don't mind fishing, but I don't go out of my way to fish. When we were on Lake Taupo in New Zealand we went on a fishing boat trip. Likewise, on a vacation to a dude ranch in CO there was a pond where we could fly fish. Both times, daughter Jenny caught the fish.

My cousin, Karl, is the big fisherman in the family. His favorite is to ice fish on a lake near him. Ice fish - that is a serious fisherman!
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Interesting answers my friends!...... thanks for participate...

What about me?... I Use to go to fishing too, but I prefer as well many of you said, to boat! feels soo great!...
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Where is the Dramamine? I love small lake fishing. Just keep me off the waves.
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Originally Posted by binkyhoo View Post
Where is the Dramamine? I love small lake fishing. Just keep me off the waves.
good point my friend!.................
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