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cat collers???

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when moe and neo were babies there was a site called and they had the cutest collers!!! I can't find ones like them any where. Does anyone know any sites with really cute cat collers. Moe and neo won't where they but i wants to get the kittens some for when they get alittle older in case they all start to look alike
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Val, have you checked out eBay?
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i love love love cool pet collars. i don't know any cute ones online. There is one store in San Francisco, B & B Pet Supplies that sells the coolest varieties.

Do you wanna call them or something?

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I'm going to check ebay right now!!

Gurlpower, does that place have a website?
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Val, I have found some great stuff on eBay, for myself and for the cats. That's where I got my 7' tall cat tree, I had to rent a UHaul and drive to the Village to get it, but it was only $30 and it was a deluxe one, I've seen ones like it online for several hundred dollars. There is a seller on eBay who makes catnip "body pillows" which my cats LOVE!!!
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No.. they don't. It is a moderate-sized pet store that sells tons and tons of pets stuff.

i bought most of their cool collars, penthouse, litter, flat beds, grooming care, etc, dried foods from there. It is owned by a couple from Taiwan. Very business-minded and hardworking folks, but no website.

i find that the ones available at petsmart or petco are kind of generic-looking. i will post pix of some of their collars for you tomorrow. For now, i need to retire to bed.

Till next, take care and smiles!

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Val, I just did a google search for kitten collars and found this site, you've got to check it out!!! Some of them remind me of stuff from your webstore.
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hmm maybe i should make cat collars.... that is an idea...oh moemoe and neo...i need models LOL
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ohhh and i have letter beads!! i could put the kitties names!! ideas ideas!!!!!
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Ha ha...well you have a bunch of models on staff at your house! I liked the cameo choker one too.
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Oooh yes, that would be great!!! If my cats would wear collars, I would order them from you. But none of them will wear them.

If you do make collars, you'll need to string them on stretchy elastic instead of wire...
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i was thinking about that....i could do strechie string...ideas ideas!! now i'm not going to be able to sleep maybe i could do wire, but do the end is string, that way if the cat broke it the beads wouldn't go flying
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hey!! you hit 700!!!!! congrats!!!!
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Thanks!!! I still have a long way to go to catch up to you!
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I have made tons of cat collars! It is so easy if you have the time! I have bought the 2 Harley Davidson collars for my kitties, a couple of solid colors, and a studded one for Peppurr! He looks so awesome and tough when he wears it!
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my job is making bracelets so making collars should be no problem

My dog misty has a studded collar....well the studs are hearts She looks sooooo cute in it!

MoeMoe and neo had suede colors when they were babies. They were SO pretty!
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Here are some samples. Please don't buy the suede ones. They shred.

Have a beautiful Tuesday. It is a gorgeous day out!

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i still have the suede ones. the boys just out grew them they held up really well.
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How do you make a collar?
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well, i make beads and bracelets so is i figured maybe i would some cute beads and then string them on to thin wire. then attached the thin wire to elastic so if it got stuck on anything they could slip out or it would just break. I could also use the letter beads i have and put there names on it! that would be really cute!
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That reminds me, I am trying to decide whether to get a collar for my baby. I think it would be cute, and plus, I could have her name on it, in case she slips outside one day. Is there any downside to a collar? Does it make the fur fall out underneath it or anything? Or irritate the skin?
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the only down side with my boys is they will not keep one on. They always take the darn thing off and then hid it some where I'm going to try to start the kittens young because i am good, but i don't know if i'm good enough to tell three solid white cats apart!
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I hand sew my cats collars and use velcro to keep them on, that way they will tear off easily if they get caught on something. There are so many different fabrics out there, but I especially any kind of animal print! I glue rhinstones onto them for a more "elegant" look!
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