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Syria Next?

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I was channel surfing tonight to random channels when I came across MSNBC. And they had the Syrian ambassador to the US on interviewing and asking im questions about did Syria have WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and Mustard Gas. And in the interview.... He kept mentioning Israel like they were the bad guys also that had WMD and not Syria. I didn't believe what he was saying not for one minute. I believe they have WMD capabilities, along with Iran and North Korea. and also in that same interview, the lady that was interviewing him asked are they harboring Saadam Huesseins group and he said no. President Bush put sanctions on Syria too. What IYO should be done regarding this?
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I heard Donald Rumsfeld's interview, too. Intelligence has ben keeping and eye on Syria's chemical weapons tests, for about a year and a half.

Syria is known to actively support terrorists. They have bankrolled Hezbollah,from the start. Hezbollah was responsible for the bombing of the Marine barracks, in Beirut, back in the 80s.

Syria controls the puppet government of Lebanon, which makes repeated incursions into Israel.

According to Colin Powell, today, sanctions will be the first thing to try. Hopefully, after seeing what happened to Iraq, Syria will behave.

Its pretty much a sure thing that safe routes were set up, via Syria for the Iraqi leadership. Syria has been skimming off oil from an Iraqi pipeline on the border, too. This has been done, with the complicity of the Iraqi regime, to circumvent the oil-for-food program.
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Syria and Lebanon have been "baddies" for a long time, particularly in their support of terrorist groups. However - the U.S. can't just invade any country it suspects has WMD, particularly when that country has no history of using them. Even if Saddam is in Syria - over time he will become a liability, and will most probably be liquidated. I'd rather see that happen than to have him put before the ICC in The Hague, which doesn't have the death penalty. Don't you think it would have been better if Milosevic were summarily executed? His henchmen assassinated Djindjic, who really could have done a lot for Serbia.
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Syria having mass-distruction weapon is a scary thought.
Although I dont believe the USA should go after them now, because, and I'm afraid to say this, that might lead to a third WW. I wish it wasn't so.
I agree with Jcat, that Saddam will eventually become irrelevant. I think he has cuased enough blood shed, and he's not worth the effort.

Pointing an accussing finger at Israel everytime they get interviewed on ANYTHING, is very childish. Israel is sitting right in the middle of enemy teritorry, and is always trying to protect the borders with Syria & Lebanon, since they always trying to hurt Israelis. Its being in a position of self-defense, ALL THE TIME.
May I just point out a silly metaphore...: I always felt as if Israel is like a Stray cat. Always looking behind its back, never eating in complete peace & quiet, ALWAYS on the lookout. Because there are always people, dogs, cars - or other cats that would wanna hurt it. Just a thought... You don't have to agree.
I happen to know the Israeli government is not filled with saints. But its the citizens that suffer.

In conclusion, Syria is definately dangerous, but the moves against it has to be very carefully considered.
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The recurring theme seems to be, "why should Israel have nuclear weapons and the Arab countries not?" The answer is pretty simple: Israel's weapons are defensive. It is a small country, completely surrounded by overtly hostile neighbors, who would not hesitate to totally annihilate it, if they thought that they could get away with it.

During the UN vote, on establishing the State of Israel (1948), Syria, Lebanon and Egypt were poised on the borders, ready to invade.

In addition, Israel is highly unlikely to provide weapons to terrorists, as do the Arab states.
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