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Daily Thread Monday August 25th!

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Morning Morning! Its my sisters birthday today

I am pretty well done packing..everything except for what I need to live everyday.

Josh found me a nice apartment that is actually affordable (I can't believe how much more it is there for cost of living!! ) and its available September 1st, so I am going to apply for it today. It would be ideal for Trout because we could move right into our new place instead of stressing her out at my moms place. I'm keeping my fingers crossed to get this place

My car needs about $1000 in work before I go, so I will be running around like crazy trying to get it fixed this week.

Oh, and my credit card was fraudulently used a couple months ago and the spa where the criminal got my number from called yesterday and is giving me a $50 gift certificate

I have so much to do! But at least I will see Josh on Friday!

Have a great day folks!
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Happy Birthday for your sister!

Today is a bank holiday so I'm just lazing about at home with mom and dad.

Don't actually know where Mitz is, off on her travels down the road

Later on I'm going shopping (which will be murder as it gets reeeally busy) with my mom to get me a new DS game.

Then at sometime we'll go and visit my nan in hospital

See yaaaa!!
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I'm on the late shift this week, so it's working till 6 for me. But I haven't even gone in yet! I got to sleep in, get in a workout and then shower and hit the road. I love going in late, I get so much done in the morning. Plus, I have Friday off so it's a 4 day week, 4 day weekend coming up, and I'm seeing Toby Keith in concert on Saturday!! Just have to get through these 4 days of work.

Boyfriend's making dinner tonight, since I wont be home till 7. Then I think I'm going to start reading Twilight tonight. I've heard such great things about the book I bought it yesterday.

Have a good day!
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Today is the first day of our new schedules, so my day is upside down. I need to trim the hedges and mow the lawn, then I hope to get to the shelter for some kitty scritchies (but that may not work out), then gets some sleep. I have to report to the warehouse at 6 p.m. for a meeting, then leave at 7:45 for McAllen, TX.

I hope I survive this deal.
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Morning All!!!

Looks a bit like rain here today and is very cool..It's a nice break from the high humidity over the weekend..

Heading off to work shortly, afterwards to the library and maybe to the video store if I am in the mood for a movie this evening..

Slept better last night so feel much more energetic than I have over the last couple of days..

The kitties are good this morning, tearing around the house like banshee's..

Everyone have a good day
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Happy birthday to your sister!

Hope you and Trout get that apartment, it sounds great!

And Mr. Blanche, hope you survive, that schedule sounds tough...

As for me, I am busy packing for Japan! Got most of my prep done, though I can always buy more omiyage / gifts. Now on to the packing!

Weather seems warm today, though it was a crisp 57 this morning at 6:15 when we left the house. Wonder if I'll get outside to see what it's really like at all...

I feel crummy, though. My period isn't due for another week and a half (the day I leave from Japan!), but I think it is starting early. Gonna be another rough one, like last month's (which wasn't a month ago!!). Either that or I'm pregnant. Yeah, right...

Evie is being aloof-kitty this morning. We sent the Meow Men off to their temporary fosters, who will watch them while we're gone, so no updates on them at all. Hope their new foster parents can continue to cure that diarreah and put some weight on! But Evie just kind of followed us around, got some cuddles, but not much, and definitely only on her terms!

Every one have a happy Monday!
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