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why have two of my kittens broken their legs. really worried.. advice please

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my three baby girl kittens are 11 weeks old now.

almost 2 weeks ago, tillie injured one of her back legs. probably jumping off somewhere at a guess, because i didn't see her actually do it.
i took her to the vet where she was x-rayed, and it was found that she had fractured her hock bone.
her leg was bandaged but she took it off as soon as we got home, so the vet advised me to cage rest her for two weeks, which i have been doing.
the two weeks are nearly up now. she still has a slight limp, but it doesn't seem to be giving her any pain. she's getting it checked out again at the vets tomorrow.

but then yesterday, disaster...
i found one of her sisters, gizmo, has injured one of her back legs as well. probably in the same way. but the way she's holding her leg up etc. seems to be just how tillie was, so i'm guessing she has probably fractured her leg as well now.
i'll be taking her to the vet with tillie tomorrow, as it's bank holiday today here in the uk, so they are closed.
but i've put her in tillie's cage until then, to rest it like tillie had to.

i can't understand why this has happened to me twice.

can anyone advise me perhaps why this has happened...
could it be just down to sheer bad luck perhaps?.......
or unbeknown to me, is it quite a common thing for kittens to break their leg bones easily......

or my greatest worry..
could it be an indication that there may be something genetically wrong with them, causing weak bones, which might perhaps make them prone to more breaks in the future???

their mother belonged to somebody else on the next street, and she has now gone back home.
her unresponsible owner has many cats and kittens all un-neutered, and i did worry that the kittens would show signs that they may have been inbred and might have had abnormalities, although they seem to be quite normal with no other problems up until now.

has anybody heard of any genetic conditions that cause weak bones or can anybody advise me and put my mind at rest perhaps?
i'm constantly on edge that they might injure themselves again when they're playing and running about, or that their other sister trixie will be next.
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A veterinarian is the best person to answer your question whether your kittens have genetically weak bones. However, it is possible their mom was malnourished so unable to provide enough nutrients for the kittens. Sending get well to your little ones.
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There isn't much evidence that cats can be born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease).

HOWEVER - like human babies and puppies, kitten's bones are quite soft and are prone to greenstick fractures and damage to the growth plates. Most common injuries are caused by jumping down from something high, injury is more likely if jumping down to a hard surface. Kittens of that young age should be confined to a carpeted area without access to high up places while unsupervised to minimise the risk of injury (not to mention the other types of trouble that kittens can get themselves into) - I don't usually let mine have free run of the house unsupervised until they are about 5 or 6 months old.

If the mother had a diet deficient in calcium or other minerals and vitamins, the kittens can have weaker bones. Make sure the kittens are fed a high quality kitten food to help them grow strong.

Kittens do heal quickly, good luck at the vet tomorrow, and I hope they are both feeling better soon
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We had a kitten break her leg once and it healed with bump in it. I would ask the vet questions. Frisky never did break a bone or anything after that one time. She died at age 11. I hope both kittes wil be ok.
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