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Deaf Cats

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Not sure where to post this, but I was wondering how those of you who have a deaf cat let them know how much you love them.

I really want to tell Clyde that I love him, but the only thing I can think of is to pet him, and blink both eyes at him, and think loving thoughts.
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I dunno. I think they know it....but I pet Ophelia & Twitch...give them treats, things like that. I pet Ophelia & just sit by her. I scratch Twitch's chin, which she loves.
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
the only thing I can think of is to pet him, and blink both eyes at him, and think loving thoughts.
Aww that is so cute
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They say that actions speak louder than words. Even if he can't hear you say "I love you" I'm sure he feels it through your actions and care.
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I sign to Kahu - this is the sign for I love you:

He waves at me when I do that. Gosh, Kahu is so sweet.
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Awww, this thread is so sweet

I think they know
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Sampson has always watched my face and hands for communication. When I do the expression for kissing he knows to come running for lots of one on one loving. As well as rubbing my thumb and index finger means the same thing for him.

Sampson uses his sense of touch more than all of my cats and I feel by using my hands on him I get across just how much I love him.
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none of my Kittys are deaf.......
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I dont have any deaf cats, but I have all these cats that dont understand English I suppose I would communicate the same way with a non-hearing cat. Lots of rubs and ear scritches! Like someone else said - actions speak louder than words!
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My aunt and her cat are both deaf... her kitty (as well as Oliver, even though he's hearing) knows some ASL... you can still talk to him even though he's deaf, you won't be crazy lol You could snuggle him like up on your chest and say sweet things in a nice tone and he'll feel the vibrations and pick up on your facial expression... just love and snuggle him like any other cat
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My friend has a deaf cat. He calls it to him by turning his palm up and waving his fingers, kinda like an upside down wave.
I think the cat knows he loves her because he'll pet her and cuddle with her. And the treats probably help .
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They know by the look on your face, the way you touch them - all of those things! We never taught Flowerbelle any signs, but she can definitely feel vibrations and she's not completely deaf because she can hear certain vibrations. But she likes to be held sometimes, and I always talk to her when holding her, as I know she can feel the vibrations. We also slow blink at all our kitties. We also make kissy faces at her when blinking - I'm pretty sure she knows all of those things mean we love her!

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After the last vet visit, I found out that Whisky is pretty much deaf due to the large growths in his ear canals. The vet suggested taking the canals out and sewing them shut. I ended up getting ear drops that I have to put in twice a day for the rest of his life or until I can afford the surgery. His age might be a problem, though.

If I make sharp sounds, he hears me. Or if I tap or hit something he is laying on, he will know I'm there.
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He knows you love him in the exact same way a hearing cat knows. Although a cat that can hear will learn to associate the words you say with certain actions, it's the actions themselves that demonstrate your love for them.
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After my cat was rendered deaf by a careless veterinarian we became even closer than before. You communicate your love by much more than words, you show it in your actions, your face and all you do for them.
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