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Becky is back!

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My previous thread was "Why did my cat go missing?" and I am back to report a happy ending. One day short of three weeks after she went missing, Becky turned up at 11:30pm last night. Thinner, but not emaciated by any stretch, hungry, but not thirsty. In good condition and after a happy reunion with parents and our other cat, snuggled up to the latter and went to sleep. No more letting her out at night if we can help it.

Now the question is, where did she go, what did she do and what did she eat?

There is hope for others in this - Becky was well and truely a house cat - self imposed. Then she just up and went one night. And now she is back, almost it seems on her own terms. Did she just have a cat holiday?

Any thoughts from anyone?

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I am glad she is back. My sisters Cat Ace was missing from Dec 3rd to Jan 23 a few years ago and we thought he was gone for good and he came back. Jasper my Oreos Brother is still missing and I hope he comes back. Their bday is Friday.
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I always think they go on little adventures sometimes. For whatever reason. Sometimes I think they get lost, someone else feeds this poor stray cat and then the cat decides to find its way home. Cats are so curious by nature.
I would not let her out anymore. If nothing else for your own peace of mind. It is evident you love her very much and I would hate for you to become one of the ones on here who never know what happened to their cat because the cat never comes back.

I am very happy for you.
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Glad to see that Becky returned home! She took the extended tour, eh? Does she like children? maybe someone took her home, mistakenly assuming she was lost or a stray....Since she was a housecat, it doesn't seem like she would have done so well out on her own, but cats are very intelligent...It would be wonderful if cats could keep a journal
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That's the thing. Becky only likes my wife and me and the other cat - although she is now used to my parents. Highly unlikely she went home with someone else - besides everyone on the block and around it knew we were looking for her. Incredible as it seems to me, it looks as if she just looked after herself and came home when it was time. I still find it bewildering!
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JC likes to play "Jeremiah Johnston" and live off the land for a week at a time, if he can get away with it. Since Becky came back thinner, maybe that's what she was doing, too Or maybe a dog came along and chased her out of her known territory and it took awhile to find her way back ....if only we could find out
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