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Poor Thomas

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As some of you know, we recently moved to Arizona. Arutha was having a hard time adjusting, so I spent a lot of time with him. Pug thinks everything is an adventure, so the bigger house was just more room to run and explore. Thomas is usually so content and well adjusted I didn't worry.

A few days ago my husband pointed out Thomas' purrbox seemed to be broken. "Oh no" I thought "What have I done?"! I spent so much time with Arutha that Thomas began to feel neglected. Usually he purrs every time he is touched, but he didn't do that anymore, and he started to be reclusive. I felt like such a bad mommy!!

After a couple of days of lavish attention and appologies, I am happy to report Thomas's purrbox is working again!! Needless to say I won't let that happen again. Poor little Thomas.
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Aww, poor baby! I'm sure he'll be OK, don't be too hard on yourself. It's easy to do that when another baby is needing extra attention. I'm sure he still knows you love him.
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awww what a pretty kittie!!
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Thanks for the compliments. I might be a little partial, but I have to agree he's a handsome guy!!
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Thomas is such a handsome little guy... im glad he's purring again, Laura.
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Thomas is beautiful. When we moved from our old apartment to here.. I was fretting about my boys and how they would take it. They were kinda freaked at first! But I think they enjoy this place more because it has stairs and they just loooooooooooooove to wait until they see me going down the stairs and then run superkittyfast RIGHT in front of my feet and make me stumble down the stairs. It never fails.

It sounds like you have such a serene cat in Thomas, and he knows he's loved, and that he has a wonderful mommy! I bet his happy that he got all that extra attention tho! Who wouldn't be?

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Thomas is very handsome. I'm glad his purrbox is working again.
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What a handsome guy!

I love their names, I am a Raymond Feist fan too!
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Rocky's purrbox broke for a few days after we got Fluffy, but it took a while, and he finally got it back to working again..Glad he his purrbox is up and running now!!
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Oh, he is very handsome .
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