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Spring Cleaning!

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Yes, I realize I'm a bit off on my seasons & cleaning....

So, aside from the fact that summer is almost over....I'm doing my spring cleaning.

You should see some of the stuff I'm finding!

I've found a plethora of toys PJ & Punky loved....so gotta get them mailed off to their meowmy.

Apparently, the catnip bananas were having a convention under the TV stand.

There's a shredded roll of paper towels from Punky up inside the recliner.

I'm pretty sure Bea left me several furr-ball kittens from her shedding.

I've been vacuuming like mad all day.

So far, I've filled all 8 big garbage cans....these are the big ones. And I've still got the office to clean out & throw away all the old files/papers!

I found 3 bags of Swheat scoop with 1/3 of the bag left in various rooms.

I'm dreading doing the office. I'm going to have to take pictures of the clean house to prove it does get clean!

My last task is to figure out how to clean up my bedroom....that's where Eden & the babies are. I need to get a cat tree & more toys in there, as they are growing up fast & she's getting stir crazy. She needs more stuff to play on & they will soon too!
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Wow, you've been busy! Care to clean my apartment next?
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Natalie, I think that it is fall cleaning, now. I will have to find out how much airfare is to here from MN.
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I'm about to give up on the office. Dad has a filing system that makes sense only is his pea brain. (His words when I called him to try to get him to explain it to me, not mine) Maybe I'll just move stuff around, vacuum, & put the piles of papers back!
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I will be forced to clean. I just got the lovely news that I am having company for the next 2 weekends.
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I figured you´re ...

have a drink my friend.......
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