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Smiffygans' family is growing

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Well, recently, I've discovered that I have a mama cat and her babies under my shed in the backyard. I was sitting on my front porch about two weeks ago and one of the babies happened up on the porch. When it noticed me it took off, very afraid. I was extremely worried because the baby was so thin, it couldn't have been anything else but a stray. So I kept my eyes open and sure enough, I noticed that the mother cat was coming around, she had a cheap flea collar on so I called to her and she came up. She's very affectionate and sweet, we've dubbed her, very simply, Mama. Anyway, I was worried about her as well because like the kittens, she was extremely thin. She's stayed around, disappearing for a day or two at a time, but I'm very concerned that the home she's staying at while away from us isn't giving her what she needs nutrition wise. With our feeding her and caring for her, she's managed to put on a bit of weight at last and is on her way to getting healthy.

The kittens started coming up to eat soon after we began to feed Mama. At first we only saw two, solid black kittens exactly like their mother. They were obviously not used to human contact and ran away if they caught any sign of us, but a few days ago I was pouring kitty chow into a bowl for them and they came very close, nearly right to my ankle to wait for me to finish. I sat down on the back steps about two or three feet away and they carried on as if I wasn't even there. I picked out some good kitty treats and a particularly adventurous one that I call Felix has started to take it out of my hand. I think that I cried a bit the first time. xD The little babies still won't let me pet them and they still run away from my girlfriend and her father that stays with us, but I really feel like we've made a lot of headway lately. I'm really excited about helping the babies get healthy and someday in the future to find homes that will love and care for them as much as I'm coming to.

More and more of the kittens have started to appear. First two came, then they brought a third and for a long time that was it. The kittens would all appear one or two or three at a time, but a few moments ago as I was dishing out morning eats, I realized that I had Mama, Felix, and three of his brothers behind me. I looked back and hidden beside the shed was even another kitten. I'm really pleased to know that they're all eating well and gaining weight. It warms my heart to see kittens that have never trusted anyone realize that I'm trying to help them.There is just something about those mistrustful little green eyes starting to recognize me and no longer regard me as a threat, something about them starting to grow warm to me that just makes me feel like I'm really making a difference to them.
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You are making a difference. You are showing them that some humans are good people who love cats. Plus I am sure the food helps a lot.
Are you interested in getting the mother spayed?
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Of course you have made a difference. They are realizing that humans are not always big, scary things, and may even be saved from a short, miserable life if they can be socialized enough to go to homes. Bless you for taking the time for them.
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Aaww, thanks so much. *laughs* I'm hoping that by the time winter rolls around I'll have them tame enough to at least let into the garage, I wouldn't want them out in the snow and ice after all. That's my goal right now.

And yep! I intend to get Mama spayed as soon as I possibly can, she's going to be a real part of the family now and I can't have her running around having litters of kittens that can't be cared for, can I? *nodnod* We're hopefully going to have her set up for that as soon as I'm sure that the kittens have stopped nursing.

I'm really proud to be able to show them that there are humans out there that are good and that will love them and help them survive. Someday all of the little babies will have warm and loving homes because of it, I think. *nodnod*
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