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Sunday!! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!

Well after a night of thunderstorms it looks to be clearing a bit..Hope so the humidity has been horrible the last couple of days.

Heading off to work shortly, don't have to much to do today so hopefully I can get finished up by 2-3.

Still am not sleeping to well no doubt because of the heat, so have nothing else planned for after work then a little R&R.

The kitties are good. Sassy is napping and the other two are playing in their kitty castle..

Everyone have a great day
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Church at 10am. We found out yesterday after the auction that the previous owner of our house has died. So we will be going to the wake tonite after supper. She was a very nice lady and one of her daughters lives a few houses from us, so we will go.
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a day of total r & r! pottering around the house. dh is having a nap with shinobi. tabitha has just gone out for some sunshine and milo is sitting here looking at me. guess i should go and play fetch with him then!
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We're going to church, if we make it on time. I was tickled at 6am when Ashlynn (our 5 yr old daughter) woke us up to check on Pumpkin because he was meowing funny. Well it turned out to be Champagne! She'd come out from under the bed and had gone down to the litter box and to eat and was looking for some attention. So slowly but surely she's warming up! I can't wait for the day when she's sleeping in our bed .

Oh and we're entertaining tonight so we are going to come home and BBQ some ribs, make cheesy potatoes and then for dessert apple dumplings.

Have a great Sunday!
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Church is at 9:00, Sunday School at 10:20. Nothing else is planned.
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Church at 10, lunch with my mom and dad afterwards, then hopefully, nothing else the rest of the afternoon, lol! Not much else going on, is raining here, will be for the next couple of days until Fay gets away from here, but we need the rain, so hey, send it on!
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DH & I slept in a bit this morning. After that we had some yummy leftovers to eat and then spent the day together just snuggled up on the couch. It was great

Tonight I made some dinner and we watched a little tv together. Then I took care of my aquarium for a bit. It's been a nice laid back day here!
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