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Hot pavement and walks

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Hi - I'm going to try to leash-train my cat, Murray, and I have a question - I live in Arizona, where it routinely gets well over 100 degrees in summer. (It doesn't really cool off until October.) If I am able to successfully leash-train Murray, should I wait to walk him until after the sun goes down, until the weather here cools off a bit? I wouldn't want him to burn his little paws on the pavement. Here, some people buy little booties for their dogs to wear while on walks, to protect their feet. (Don't know if they make any that might fit a cat. But I guess the less "gear" to subject my cat to, the better!)

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That's sounds like a reasonable concern, and I know there are people here who have cats that actually walk next to them. However, most cats, at least at first, sniff at things and roll on the ground and all that. It takes more than just harness training to get a cat to "walk" with you. I don't know if you have a lawn or other greenery space (it might be environmentally and financially untenable where you live) but hot pavement would be quite irrelevant for a cat strolling around in a garden. Also, hair is good insulation, so a cat rolling or laying on a hot ground surface is reasonably safe from burns.
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If my bare feet can't stand the hot cement I don't put the kitties on there.
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I have very hairy dogs (Old English Sheepdogs). They go for walks before sunrise and well after sunset during hot times of the year. Not only is it too hot for their feet, it is too hot for their bodies. Overheating is a huge concern.
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I'd wait till it cools off. You're right - don't want kitty to burn her paws!
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Thanks to all for the advice... There isn't much grass here in Arizona, but there are parks that have grass, so I could always take Murray to a park to walk (or roll around, whatever the case may be!).
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