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Help me, there's blood in my new kitty's poo!

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I just got a cat, Anya, she's a year and a half old, and she doesn't have bowel control, all of her stools have been runny and diareaha-like, and I've found a tiny amount of blood in her stools. I bought some Pro-Pet Roundworm Liquid De-Wormer, as she was an outdoor only cat untill I got her earlier this week, now she's an indoor only cat so I'm having to teach her how to use a litterbox. As of right now, I'm keeping her in my bathroom with her litterbox untill she finishes all of the water in which I've diluted her medicine, but she's obviously not feeling well, all of the vets are closed untill Monday, with the nearest emergengy care facility being an hour's drive away from here. I need to find out what could be causing this, how dangerous it can get, and if I need to take her to the emergency facility. If I don't, how can I make Anya feel better untill the vet is open on Monday? Also, Anya has not been desexed yet, and that is being done as soon as she's at a vet. Thanks! Viv
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I would take her to Er. Otc worm Meds are not safe and could really harm a cat.
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My vet told me to buy the over the conter stuff he said it has the same thing in it that they would give me.
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My friends Cat got very sick from it and almost died.
Do you know if she had worms for sure.
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It really wouldn't surprise me if she does have worms, this happened once with another cat I adopted from the country when I was a kid. Though anything is possible, she is a year and a half old and has yet to be spayed, and I really do hope that these problems will be over once I have her fixed, which is a top priority for me.
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I have had Cats with tapeworm with blood before. My Meeko had them at 3 months and she almost died because she was very Anemic. She is 8 years old now. Do you know if she has been preg before since she was a outdoor cat? I would have her tested for stuff to make sure she isnt sick from being outside. Can you call the Er and see what they say since its a 1 hour drive?
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Just tried calling the ER and it's a system where there's a receptionist always there but they don't page the vet in untill he's needed So can't do a consult, but for now I'm tapping as many peoples' brains as possible and so far it looks as if she needs to go to the vet but isn't in grave danger, which I certainly hope is the case.

As far as being pregnant goes, the lady I got her from has had her since she was born, but she said something about Anya's reproductive system being damaged. Which now that I type this, I'm now wondering about the possibility that she may be pregnant now, which if her reproductive system is indeed damaged could be dangerous as if cats are like humans ectopic pregnancy, etc is possible.

Since you say your cat was anemic, what are symptoms of that in a cat? Also, I know that urinating inappropriately is common in cats who aren't desexed, but does the same apply for number 2?

Just curious too what is would generally cost in the States to have a complete bloodwork done, as she is an adult so who knows what her system may be like before I came into Anya's life.
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It's really easy to panic with a new cat, isn't it?

Quite often, a cat will have a little blood in its stool if its food is suddenly changed. And we had a cat that had a little blood in his stool for six years; it's just the way he was. The sudden upset in this one's life might be enough to cause it, too, as well as diarrhea. Make sure she is eating and drinking, keep a watch on her, try to reduce her tension level, and stay in touch with the vet's office if you see any sudden turn for the worse.

For what it's worth, modern topical flea treatments like Revolution kill everything but tapeworms, and there is a separate topical for them, too. If you're worried the worm treatment may be causing her problem, or if you think maybe she's not drinking the water because of the medicine in it, take it up and give her fresh, clean water. Especially if she is vomiting or has diarrhea, she needs to stay hydrated.
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Oh it's very easy to panic with a new cat, and I do get even more paranoid as my last cat, Sebastian, who is nothing short of an absolute legend, passed away just over a year ago from kidney failure, and it came on very quickly. Which makes having a new cat scary.
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Meeko would just lay there and do nothing. There was blood when she went to the bathroom. My Coco could not be fixed and she has never gone on the floor except when she had her bladder infection. When Meeko had the anemia she had tape worms and fleas. It was before I got her. I got a phone call she was very sick and we rushed her to er. Her sister was dead. I think I paid 150 for a Blood Panel last Dec. I will have to check the paperwork.
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Well, the latest is that I've just woken up and now what she's passed looks like a combination of runny with a bit of solid in there, and she has had a bit of her medication. Hopefully this is progress, but please if you're reading this tell me if you think it's otherwise.

In any case, when I've had time I've taken her out of the bathroom and snuggled her, so hopefully at least she doesn't feel trapped, Anya is very delightfully clingy with me when I do this, actually she's been very clingy with me since I met her. And tomorrow is Monday, finally, so I can take her to the vet!
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I think its progress also, I would just keep watching her but since it is starting to get solid I think she should be alright until tomorrow.
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