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Searched here and in FAQ but I did not see something recent enough, so...

I have a subscribed thread in my user CP but I don't know how it got there. I never intentionally subscribe to any thread. Did I press an incorrect option while replying to the post?

Also, how can I delete it?

I have all my other cp settings the way I want them to be.

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There are two ways to unsubscribe to a thread.

The first is to go to the User CP, Find the header "Subscribed Threads" and click on List Subscriptions. Find the thread you want to unsubscribe and check the beside it. Go to the bottom of the page where you see a dropdown with the title "Selected Threads", Select "Delete Subscriptions", Click on go.

The second ways is to open the thread in question. Click on Thread Tools at the top. Then select "Unsubscribe from this thread"
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