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Vibes needed for stress levels

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I am really stressed out right now. Life seems to be happening really fast for me and its all on me, which is good because at 23 its about 5 years to late for me to start taking responsibility for these things.

I am hopefully going to graduate in May with my degree in mathematics. But that means two 17 credit semesters + classes over winter break(what ever I can take) and that might not even do it.

After I graduate I am hoping to go to another school to get my teaching license. They offer a 2 year post graduate program that I am going to do in a year and a half(lots of people do it this way). But to get accepted into the program I need a B- grade point average and lets just say that I'm not even close to that. So not only do I need to face 2 17 credit semesters to graduate, but they need to be almost straight A semesters to get into that program.

Going to this school also means a move which I am going to pay for my self. I am also going to take full responsibility for supporting my self once I move but that means I have to work. But with the amount of school work I have the amount of hours has to be somewhat limited(15 hours max I would think). I did some research and in the area I'm going to be living in I will need about 1100 a month to live on per month. This covers: gas, food, rent, all utilities(rough estimating here), cable/internet, car insurance, and misc household expenses(toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc). I have 7 months to make about 3300 dollars, I want that much so I can support my self a little bit before I move. But that boils down to about 20 hours of work at $7/hour(again rough math here) and i can't work that much but not many entry level jobs are paying higher than that.

So as you can see I have quite a lot on my plate right now so vibes are appreciated.

Today my mom is coming up to help me get organized for the semester and I am kind of excited but also kind of dreading it because, though we do get the work done, me and her don't really work well together anymore.
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Well you do have lots on your plate!!

Have you considered taking 3 semesters to finish school (plus maybe summer school) to have a lighter course load to get your grades up. I think that would increase your chances with the next phase of school?? Think about it please.

Have fun with your mom when she is visiting. Even though you might not work together the best she is doing this for you and you should appreciate her gesture.
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How many hours is 17 credits? (Sorry - been a while since I was in college! )

Does the college you're going to offer evening classes?

The way I managed it back in the day: I worked full time during the day (40 hours a week). I took a full course load (don't remember the number of credits), but it was in the graduate program classes, even though I was undergrad, they offered the stuff I needed to graduate. "Fun time" was studying with a friend at the college library on Saturday, and we'd take a break to go get lunch somewhere.

I literally did nothing but study and work for that last year. I managed a 3.9 GPA and earned the money I needed to move from Chicago to NYC - and had enough for the apartment and living expenses for two months while I found a job (which, thankfully, I did).

I'm SURE that whatever you decide, you can do it - it's not going to be fun, and it'll mean nose to the grindstone - but you can make it!

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Wow, you do have a lot going on. If the post graduate teaching license is set up for 2 years, why push yourself to finish it in 1 1/2 years? I would think it would be better to take it slower so you can have a job to support yourself while taking it, rather than try to finish it as soon as possible. I know you want to teach, but you also don't want to overload yourself where you can't do your best.

In fact, sometimes it's NOT a good thing to do everything back to back. One friend of mine got his bachlor's then went back in the next semester and got his masters (in education) and THEN started looking for jobs. He was over-qualified for a regular teaching position once he got his Masters.

I realize a teaching cert is different from a Masters, but with a bachlor's degree you should be able to be a substitute teacher. Check with the Education Board about that. Any experience will help you out in the long run.

For the money to move, check into student loans or grants. Good luck, and many calming
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Teachers are in demand in some areas, and math and science teachers are needed everywhere. Many states offer an alternative certification program, where you are hired to teach while you also attend classes. It is a hard couple of years, but the cost is often paid by the school district.
The certification our state is based on testing. Some states require that you teach for a year before they grant certfication.

As for the Masters, our school district will hire a teacher with a bachelor's degree, but you have to agree to get your Masters within a set time. And they pay for it.

Worry about getting your grades up at this point.
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