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LOL, right before my bf and I go to bed, and also in the mornings, Crackerman likes to hop up on our bed and playfully "attack" our feet. We've given him the nickname "Footzilla" whenever he does this
It's cute, but sometimes annoying!

Does your cat(s) like to play the Footzilla game?
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when i lived at home my mums cat jack did this all the time - i too became quite annoyed!! nothing like putting on some nice summer sandals with feet that are covered in scratches. our little yoshi has her own version of this - when aaron is in the bath, she perches over the end & swats his toes whenever she sees them - she especially enjoys this if there is bubble bath. this is all good fun, but aarons toe actually got quite severely infected after one of the scratches & he's had to take antibiotics & now his toenail is falling off!!! he still plays peek-a-toe with her though, which is good.

we used to call jack 'bed patrol' because he'd hover at the end of the bed, staring at our feet, waiting for them to move. as soon as he saw any movement, he pounced. this is ok in winter when your'e under a 13.5 tog duvet, but not in summer under a sheet! you end up being too scared to move. he used to wake you up hanging off your arm if dangled over the bed, not nice!!!
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Mary does it sometimes and sometimes she doesn't. I never know when she is going to and the other day she caught me by surprise and I let out a yowl that scared her.
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