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So Excited---Goldy is having her babies!!

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After almost two weeks of giving me false signals, Goldy is finally having her babies.

Two of them were already born when I got home from work this morning. The first one was still wet, but Goldy had bitten through the umbilical cord and I assume eaten the placenta since I didn't see any sign of it.

The second one had just been born, still wrapped in the placenta. That was almost an hour ago and Goldy licks at the placenta once in a while but hasn't bitten through the cord. Should I go ahead and cut the cord or wait a while longer?

She's been pushing the last few minutes, so I'm thinking the third one will be along soon.
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Smudge decided to cut the cord of the previous kitten she had given birth to (ex: taking care of number one after number two was born) so while there was a slight delay in her eating the placenta she did take care of everyone. She would lick at the just born kitten but would wait in their placenta and cord. She also didn't actually chew the cord off she ate the placenta first and worked her way towards the kitten, which is different than the other cats I'd seen giving birth but it worked for her.

I had alcohol sterilized hemostats and scissors but I never ended up needing them.

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The third baby is here. It was breech, but came out very easily. Goldy is actually chewing on that placenta now. I guess I'll just give her more time to figure out the earlier one.
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It looks like we're finished at three. At least, I can't feel any more kittens in there, just a soft lump that is probably her uterus.

She kind of stalled out on eating the placenta, then went to sleep for a while. When she woke up she was washing the kittens but basically ignored the placentas. I waited a couple of hours then went ahead and cut the cords on both the second and third kittens.

I've been trying to get some pictures, but everything is crowded together and I'm not sure you can identify any separate kitties.

Goldy chose the smallest pet carrier to have her babies. She can barely fit into it by herself. She pushed all the nice soft cloth out of it and had the babies on the bare plastic. Easier for me to clean up but the poor babies couldn't get a grip to crawl to mom.

Now I need to figure out how I can get her to move to a better place. I've got a laundry basket fixed up with a soft blanket in it, draped over the sides so the kittens can't get stuck in the holes.
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She might like that. My Coco had a box but she had in the laundry in the bath tub.I can ot wait to see pics. I have not seen kittens born in 6 years.
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Here is the best picture I've gotten so far. Most of the time one kitten is hidden under the others.

Stats (so far)
#1--born around 8:00 AM (I wasn't home ); gray/brown stripes; wt. 90 grams

#2--born 8:20 AM; orange, stripes on face and legs, back looks solid orange right now; wt. 130 grams

#3--born 9:32 AM; gray/brown stripes; wt. 110 grams

At the moment they all look about the same from the back end. So I may have three boys? or three girls? or maybe two boys and one girl? The second gray one didn't exactly hold still for me to get a good look. Guess I'm going to have to wait a few weeks to find out what I really have.

I think I'm going to post this as a new thread as well as here, if that's acceptable.
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They are cute.
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I'd put the blanket inside a pillow case - the tiny nails will not get caught in the pillowcase like they do in a blanket.
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