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Strange Recurring Dream

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I keep having a dream where I beat up my dad. It always starts out like a normal discussion between me and him and then it escalates rather quickly. Its never the same discussion either and its never the same amount of damage done and the way I do it changes. I will have this dream upwards of 3x a week, usually when me and him are not on good terms. The strange thing is me and him are fine right now and I had it again last night. This time it involved steel chairs(rather non-violent for me actually). I cant figure out why I had this dream last night and why it happens as frequently as it does. Any idea what this could symbolize?
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Originally Posted by algebrapro18 View Post
The strange thing is me and him are fine right now and I had it again last night.
Sounds to me like there are unresolved issues either with him or with someone else as a result of him. Either way he is tied to it somehow.

You say that you and he are "fine right now", which tells me that there have been problems in the past that while on the surface you may feel are resolved, but deep down you still hold some resentment.
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I think this might have happened because I've been thinking about all the stuff I need to buy before school starts and I have no money to buy it. Dad usually supplies the money for stuff but I am getting tired of asking for it from him but this stuff is stuff I need. The list includes:

*Vaccume Cleaner(motor burnt out on the old 10 dollar one I had)
*Fans to replace 1000 dollar air conditioning unit that mysteriously stopped working(the thing won't even turn on).
*Desk lamp that has a bulb that can't be replaced(was discontinnued)
*Livingroom lamp who's light dome broke all over my floor(probably what did in the vaccume).

That on top of my last trip to canada which was about a grand and i am starting to feel really really guilty about needing stuff.

I am really really stressing out about money lately. I want to be able to move in May but I am paying for everything if I do and that means about 3000 for the move + 1100 dollars/month to support my self once i move(I shopped around and made a budget). So I think the dream about me beating him up is due to my stressing about money since he represents all the money in my life right now. I could be way off though so more feed back would be great.

On another note, still no word from Kohles which I am taking as "no news is good news". The HR person said she would call everyone back that is getting a call back by closing on monday so I am kind of letting her handle it but the waiting is driving me nuts.
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Go to someplace like Goodwill and find a vacuum cleaner. Or ask around. Almost everyone has an old one that still works. I have two!
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Check out yard sales, flea markets, anything. You would be surprised at what people need to get rid of for a few dollars. Usually they are getting rid of them because they upgraded and have two or three of everything.

How can a desk lamp bulb be discontinued? I'm guessing that it isn't a normal desk lamp that takes 60 watt bulb? If so, I would get a normal one that you can get bulbs for at the dollar store. For the air con...have you cleaned out the filter lately? If not, that could be the problem and an easy fix. The fan will shut down (or only blow hot air) if the filter is clogged. I learned this the hard way .

I know it's hard and very stressful to be thrown into this situation. But you can do it! Your dreams probably are because your dad took care of you, and now you have to stand on your own two feet. But, you are at the age where you don't need to rely on your parents, you just may have to cut a few corners to do it. I have faith in you.
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Just get a vacuume and the night mares will go away.
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