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Flea Issue

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My cats have never had an issue with fleas... until recently.

My boys are both inside babies, and recently they've got fleas. I noticed them scratching and biting a lot more than normal cats do and at first we didn't see any fleas.

I went up and got them some Frontline [it was almost time anyway], and did it to both of them, and it's been a little over a week and they are still scratching and biting, and we finally started to see the fleas. We thought that maybe it was just them like getting rid of them but no they're still just as bad as before. Amos had some scabs from scratching himself so bad so we really had to watch him to make sure he wouldn't keep doing it.

I got a new cat shampoo from Hartz and bathed them and it didn't seem to have any sort of effect. A while later we tried a flea and tick spray as well, and it didn't seem to help either and we keep finding more fleas now.

What do we need to do to completely get rid of these pests? And what about our house [floor, bedding, chairs etc]?
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I think you need to take them to the Vet immediately! The scabs can become infected and make your cats very sick!

Since none of the flea products have worked, you probably have a flea infestation in your house. Do you also have a dog? (You don't say.) Perhaps your cats could stay overnight at the Vet while they get treated for the fleas and scabs...They probably need an antibiotic now. Then, while they're gone, flea-bomb your house or call an exterminator.
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I've heard both good and bad things about Frontline.

The bad, that it doesn't work. The good that it does work but it doesn't seem to, because people keep seeing fleas on their pets. Apparently the chemicals in Frontline "super excite" the fleas and forces them to the surface of the animals coat.

Alternative products include, Revolution and Advantage. Both begin working almost immediately. Within 10 minutes thet will start to kill any biting fleas and the eggs it lays. However, it's important to keep up the monthly treatments.

Revolution will protect your pet against heartworm and will also kill certain types of worms, parasites.

Our houses are never 100% flea free. We ourselves can bring in fleas from the outside by walking in grass, or by bushes and gardens. Check out this information:

Diatomaceous Earth is a wonderful alternative to chemical sprays and products:

Thoroughly cleaning/vacuuming your house, including bedding, curtains etc. will also go a long way towards killing ny existing eggs and pupae.

Hopes this helps!

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No we do not have a dog. We have 2 outside cats but they don't come in, and our cats don't go out.

The scabs are gone except for one small one on the side of his neck.
We've never had this sort of problem before so where do I get a flea bomb?
And will it be expensive [the bomb and taking them to the vet overnight to do this?]

etc? Like I said I'm a complete newb when it comes to this stuff.

Since I just recently gave them the frontline should I wait awhile before going back up to the vet and getting advantage or revolution?
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Sounds like you need to treat the house first - maybe that's where the fleas are hiding. Hartz products are really a waste of money - collars, shampoo, etc.

You don't want to overdose your cats, but they need to be treated for the problem. Sounds like they might be allergic to the fleas - many cats seem to be.
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I see you are from Ohio--so am I.

If you want to go the exterminator route--which we did, because my dad is one, he works for Orkin pest control--its a very quick fix. Within 3 days of the treatment our house was flea free, we treated the cats and have to continue for 3 months to ensure we've broken the cycle. We used frontline the first treatment but the 2nd and 3rd treatments are using advantage--wasn't very happy with frontline and could get advantage slightly cheaper on 1800petmeds.

We vaccuumed and washed literally everything that could be laundered in our house. We did not have to remove any pets from the house for the treatment, just have to make sure they don't touch the flooring until the product is dry. So basically my dad applied the product to the upstairs and main floor and we locked the cats in the basement, then when it dried we applied the product to the basement floor and locked the cats on the main floor. We did have to turn the AC off in the house (to assure that the spray fell to the floor and got into the carpet). Very quick process and like I said worked like a charm, hubby and I haven't been bitten in 3 and a half weeks, product applied 4 weeks ago, altho we have seen a couple fleas on our long hair cat, which my dad said is 100% normal.

Good Luck
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My boy Monster got out one day & when he was returned to me, he had fleas REALLY bad. I got stuff for the carpets, we had an exterminator come out too. I bathed him in Dawn, and tried using a flea comb to comb out the fleas. Then I got Frontline Plus & applied it.
My bfs mom got it for the dog too & since then we have not had anymore fleas
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Unfortunately, as you have already found out, over-the-counter flea medications rarely work and some products are actually dangerous to the animal. Flea collars can be deadly in fact, so please don't ever use one on your cat. You have probably already spent more money on over-the-counter products than you would have paid a vet for products that actually work.

I recommend you get Revolution or Advantage from your vet and get some diatomaceous earth to sprinkle down into your rugs and even upholstery. We had a very bad infestation some years ago and we did have to go the professional pest control route. Now we ensure we treat both cats monthly with Revolution for Bijou and Advantage for Mika from May until November. We get our meds from our vet. Some folks have ordered meds on-line but I've heard some rumours that the on-line meds may not be the same strength as what is obtained from a vet.
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I've gone through flea problems before and I've found this is the best way to get rid of them:
  • Get Capstar from the vet. It kills anything on them right away (only lasts 24hours)
  • Sprinkle Borax (real cheap in the laundry isle) on the carpet, brush it in with a broom, then vacuum it up. Borax makes the fleas and their eggs explode.
  • Wash EVERYTHING with Borax and normal laundry detergent.
  • Use a flea comb: Dip it in watered down dish soap (like Dawn), comb the animals, repeat till you get all the fleas and poo out.
  • If you can, rent a steam cleaner from the grocery store and clean the carpets.
Repeat for like a week. If that doesn't kill them... well, you have alien super fleas. Oh and use one of those topical flea treatments like advantage after flea combing.

Good luck!!
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Double check on the Borax, by the way. It can be poisonous to some animals. You can also get boric acid in a fairly large container at most drugstores, and it will take care of most insects, but, again, it can be poisonous to your pets.
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