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Noticed a possible tooth problem :o(

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This morning, Ollie gave me a big sleepy breath yawn right in my face (thanks, kid) but I noticed that it looks like the tip of his one fang has either broken off or worn down (I know my 14 year old dog's teeth have worn down - she's only ever eaten hard food thus far and although they're worn, her teeth are still healthy)

I have to wrestle him yet to get a better look though. He is the ULTIMATE monster when it comes to cleaning his teeth - believe me, I've tried everything including ambushing him with the paste and kitty brush when he was on his sedatives due to a long car ride and he still fought me tooth and nail (no pun intended haha). I also tried the water additive (even though it apparently doesn't really work) but somehow someway, Oliver knew it was in his water (even though it's supposed to be odorless and tasteless and I'd ad it when he wasn't even in the room).... his dry kibble is always available and he gets wet at night... the vast majority of his cookies are hard ones that he readily chomps on.

If/when I can tackle him for a better look, I'll decide if he needs to see Dr. Kathy... he's due for his annual in October, so I can always get that done early if I take him in for teeth.

Basically, has anyone discovered some alternative teeth cleaning options for VERY monstrous cats when it comes to teeth? I've always brushed my dogs teeth, but I didn't get Ollie as a kitten and despite my best efforts I just can't get it done. I know at one point Dr. Kathy had said new at-home pet teeth cleaning products were set to come out, but I haven't heard more. I really don't want him to go under for a cleaning if it's avoidable and I'm hoping I don't see that this fang will need to be pulled....
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It looks like a broken tooth - but it doesn't appear to be like to the root or anything... Dr. Kathy is on vacation right now, but I made an appointment for Sept 4th with her and also left a message on her cell just asking her opinion if she thinks it's ok to wait that long or if I should see one of the other doctors (although I REALLY don't want to see anyone else)... I'm waiting for her to call back
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I would have one of the others check it ... ie I once thought a tooth was broken and it was just worn down
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If it's not like an emergency, I really want to wait for Kathy just cuz I'm also going to have Oliver's annual done since I'm going in anyway and I don't trust the others like I trust Kathy and she's the one that knows his whole history and all

It doesn't appear to be bothering him at all... he didn't put up a particular fight when I looked in his mouth to look around/brush a little whenever I messed with that tooth (like he didn't yowl or bite when I touched/brushed that fang) and he's munching dry kibble and cookies without hesitation and what appears to be completely normally.

Any ideas on alternative kitty teeth cleaning products? I really don't get much when I can wrestle him and brush a little.... monster
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This thread talks about some different methods, including just letting the cat lick the toothpaste.

There are rinses you can use as well, or drinking water additives (my vet had recommended Aquadent, but I couldn't use it in the fountain I had at the time. I'm also a bit wary, since it includes Xylitol, and that is known to be toxic to dogs (not sure why it would be safe in their water ).

I do brush Zek's teeth a couple of times per week--he likes the CET toothpaste, so I let him lick it and then make him sit there for the brushing. Afterward, I praise him, and I hops off the bathroom counter. Odo is less tolerant and will get CET dental treats (I should give them more often).
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I do give him various dental treats but he's a definite no on any kind of pet toothpaste - turns up his snoot and walks away (same problem with the hairball pastes), hence why when I do try to brush, it's a tackling/wrestling/sometime burrito-ing situation... I'll have to ask Dr. Kathy when we go in if anything from the comment she'd mentioned before is effective and now out on the market... I hate that I don't get to clean his teeth very well... I guess it's the trade-off I get since he's EXCEPTIONAL for baths, nail clipping, soft pawing, brushing etc...
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Well my particular vet (Dr. Kathy) called my house yesterday morning after I'd left for work, but my mom was home (she works at a school) so she talked to Kathy and explained that he didn't appear to be in pain or bothered and was eating regularly, so Kathy said it would be ok to wait to see her next week (appointment got changed to the 3rd)... she also said she does know of alternative kitty dental cleaning products, apparently including a spray, since my mom mentioned to her again that Ollie WILL NOT let me brush his teeth...

I'm hoping that at the most she will have to file it so it's not jagged (it's hard for me to even see if it is... but when I take him in I'll be able to kitty burrito him and let her look).... I REALLY REALLY don't want him going under if avoidable and I definitely don't want the tooth pulled since that will cause a whole host of other mouth problems... now he looks like fang in the singular when his mouth is closed instead of "fangs"... *somewhat sad face* I love his fangs pokin out... now he's got lopsided fangs and one ear has a pizza slice out of it... so unique!
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